+++ Finished +++ We are celebrating the start of the new year with you with a game competition. We have a total of five prizes for you, so there will also be five winners. What do you have to do? Just tell us what you have planned for the new year in a playful way. Spending more time playing more with the family? Finally start painting miniatures? Farm rare mounts in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands? We are excited to see what will happen in your free time in 2021. You can win once each: the puzzle game Cat Stax by Huch, the board game Calico, the board game Civilization - A New Age, Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch. 

Happy New Year! We have already prepared our newsletter subscribers before Christmas to have a surprise ready for the turn of the year: our New Years competition. So away with the ballast from 2020, we're starting fresh and with some innovations in 2021. We want to share our joy about the beginning of the year with you, so we have set up a competition where you can win pretty cool prizes (at least that's what we think) can.

Participating is not complicated and may even be useful for one or the other: You should tell us how you wanted to make the coming year playful - whether with board games, video games or toys. So what are your plans to make 2021 your gaming year? Share your tips and resolutions with others and take part in our competition. More here:

And so you can participate!

To take part in our New Years competition, you don't have to do anything other than answer the competition question correctly and leave your answer in the comments below this competition entry:

Prize question: What resolution have you made playfully for the year 2021?

You will find out whether you have won by e-mail: Please check whether you have entered your correct e-mail address, otherwise we cannot reach you. We will randomly draw the five winners from all comments submitted.

You can win:

  • Calico: A cat puzzle board game from Flatout Games
  • Civilization - A New Age: A board game based on the popular video game series.
  • Cat Stax: A puzzle game from the publisher Huch.
  • Super Mario Odyssey: A video game for Nintendo Switch about the famous plumber.
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: A racing game for Nintendo Switch based on Mario and Co.

Important: Our newsletter subscribers will automatically receive an additional ticket for the competition in combination with a reply comment, provided they participate. So if you have not yet subscribed to the newsletter: quickly catch up by the end of the competition period, comment and thus increase the chance of winning. We have attached the registration box under the text section.

Additional note: The comments appear publicly visible on the website at the latest after they have been activated by the admin, so don't panic after they have been sent.

The competition will now run for a week, until January 8, 2021. Then the competition ends at 23.59:XNUMX p.m. and immediately afterwards we will randomly determine the winners from all the comments submitted.

As always, our competition terms and conditions apply here can find. This time our game fans from Austria and Switzerland are also eligible to participate. Your winnings will reach you by mail. The judges' decision is final.

The entire Spielpunktteam wishes you the best of luck and a happy new year.

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