Battle Royale has been one of the hype of the last few months: hardly any action shooter can do without that game mode that throws a fixed number of players into a virtual arena so that they can fight each other - or as a team. Zeus' Battlegrounds from Industry Games is a new battle royale game that relies on an exciting setting: Greek mythology. The closed beta for Zeus' Battlegrounds is currently running and we are giving away 3 codes on our Facebook page. 

Zeus' Battlegrounds from Industry Games

Zeus' Battlegrounds is all about one thing: mass brawls with Greek demigods. As one of Zeus' descendants, players enter the virtual arenas of ancient Greece. Equipped with sword, shield, spear or other weapons that the Greek mythology gives away, the powerful demigods fight with at least 99 other demigods for their divine existence. 

Zeus' Battlegrounds is a rather classic battle royale game with currently some divinely ingenious marketing tricks: “Free 100-player battle royale game of melee combat”. Sure right?

Competition for Zeus Battlegrounds: Battle Royale with gods

In contrast, Zeus' Battlegrounds looks pretty pretty in moving images. You can convince yourself of it in the official trailer for the game, which shows some of the melee brawls.

And Competition: We're giving away on our Facebook- Page three codes for the closed beta of Zeus' Battlegrounds, the battle royale game from Industry Games. Surf down, join in, gamble!


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