Scheduled for release this year, Company of Heroes 3 celebrates the PC war strategy game's return to screens. A dynamic campaign map is then included, the gameplay of which is at least similar to a "sandbox". 

The legendary strategy game series returns, combining intense combat with new strategy elements in a stunning Mediterranean setting. Coming to PC in 3, Company of Heroes 2022™ takes the familiar storyline of the series to a brand new theater of war.

CoH3: Focus on replayability

In Company of Heroes 3, players can experience authentic new features like the dynamic campaign map and full tactical pause to battle their way to victory. In a brand new video, the developers at Relic Entertainment explain how campaign gameplay in Company of Heroes 3 takes a huge leap forward - with a strong focus on replayability.

The new dynamic campaign map features "sandbox"-like gameplay, allowing players to command the entire war effort and experience a unique level of strategic choice. Mission designer David Milne explains in the video that Relic designed the missions so that each mission is challenging, but also always complete - regardless of which faction, company or unit you have selected.

The developers also reveal in the video that players will experience epic historical battles in famous locations, while also discovering the smaller, untold stories of World War II.

More information about Company of Heroes 3 is available at There you can also register for CoH-Development, Relic's community platform, where you can get exclusive insights into the development of the game and even get involved in the development.

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