Cephalofair Games' dungeon crawler board games Gloomhaven and Frosthaven will receive companion apps. The tools are implemented by Lucky Duck Games, who are behind the board game Chronicles of Crime, among other things, and have therefore already been able to gain experience in this area.

Lucky Duck Games has announced its plans in an e-mail: App are in development for the board games Gloomhaven and Frosthaven. The Frosthaven application should appear first. The apps will primarily help players to keep track of what is happening in the game. This applies, for example, to the character development, but also to the fights.

Lucky Duck Games previously designed Chronicles of Crime with app support

Companion apps are not necessary for board games, but they can contribute to a much smoother gameplay, especially with complex titles. Unwelcome tasks, such as recording status points, pieces of equipment or bonuses, can then simply be outsourced to software, which from now on takes over what pen and paper used to do. The following often applies: the more complex a board game concept is and the more things are happening on the table at the same time, the more helpful companion apps are.

The app for Frosthaven or Gloomhaven will apparently start right there. The smart program reminds the players of the turn order, status changes and other information that must necessarily be considered for turns. The game objectives of the respective scenarios should also be able to be “outsourced” to the app, so as to ensure a more straightforward gaming experience. Lucky Duck Games plans to release the app first for the newer of the two dungeon crawler board games: Frosthaven. After that, they want to release an app compatible with Gloomhaven, possibly even a combined program.

Lucky Duck Games already has experience in app development. An app was developed for the crime board game Chronicles of Crime that was not just an accessory, but indispensable for the gaming experience. And there was also work to be done as a “developer” for Destinies.

Meanwhile, fans are waiting to see how Frosthaven will continue. The dungeon crawler has been delayed, but things seem to be moving again now. In this country, too, players are waiting for news about Frosthaven, because the board game will be released in a German-language localized version – again via Feuerland Spiele. And: one too Miniatures Collection has been announced in the meantime. It seems like the release of Frosthaven will also give the overall brand a decent boost. Not surprisingly, after all, Gloomhaven is considered the best board game of all for quite a few scene fans. The expectations of the quality of Frosthaven are correspondingly high. It remains to be seen whether the sequel can challenge the debut title for the throne.

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