Despite all the preventive measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic there are these unteachable people who oppose every measure as far as possible. Recreational facilities are closed, visits to the shopping center for entertainment are prohibited, even playgrounds are closed. And yet: the first rays of the sun seem to burn away the brain cells of the unteachable.

- A comment by André Volkmann

People squeeze in crowds across markets or cavort in park meadows, rebellious parents send their children to closed football fields or playgrounds. It seems like going out in groups is pretty "hip" right now. In some places it's like a ghost town outside: empty streets, hardly any noise, little movement. Especially in big cities - where it is already difficult to avoid your fellow human beings - it is like in the zombie film: Hordes of infected people approach each other, apparently in the hope of surrounding as many healthy people as possible and infecting them with the search.

Note: Only those who do stupid are stupid

Not caution, but stupidity - the unteachable call it daring - is celebrated in view of the current corona pandemic. Ideally with a pilsner in the beer garden or a wine spritzer by the lake. Or even better: a friendly hug so that everyone can see how rebellious they can be.

Yes, it is not nice when the government and authorities intervene so drastically in everyday life. At the moment, however, it is necessary and advisable. The reasoning is hardly comprehensible: For the well-being of the children, go to the playground, say parents. Actually? The opposite is the case!

Dear parents, for the benefit of your children you should stay at home. You are even allowed to park your children in front of the console, so do exactly what is common in German living rooms without the coronavirus. Because parents are adults, or at least they are on the way, they should act as adults too. In Corona times, behaving as an adult means: just keep your feet still.

NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet hit it right on target. He calls for a slowdown in life - prudent but determined. So stay in the "safe house", make yourself comfortable and just wait. Others have more than enough stress these days to save your ass: researchers, doctors, nursing staff, even retailers. They all push overtime, push hospital beds, push new toilet paper on the shelves. Do not make their already difficult everyday work even more difficult because, in the belief that you are immune to a virus - or you just don't give a shit - you stand up en masse for that "freedom" that you are not interested in without a virus crisis.

It could all be so simple: All government decrees would be unnecessary if everyone behaved responsibly - not for years, not even for months, but for a few weeks. That would be clever anyway, somehow the hoarded supplies have to be used up in the end.

He is infected - soon the others too - but they were all stupid and bold. Photo: pixabay

He is infected - soon the others too: They were all stupid and bold. Photo: pixabay

In the drought summer with temperatures of over 40 degrees, you sweat while "binge watching" your favorite series in front of the television set. Now that everyone could watch series and films for hours without a guilty conscience, the unteachable would-be rebels flock to the "fresh" air, consciously refrain from washing their hands, try everything possible in public spaces and share their successes in the Social media - of course with those smartphones that have not been disinfected in weeks. The coronavirus is a horror, but tens of thousands behave worse than in a horror film - because the stupid ones usually die first and mostly alone. In the current reality, they want to kill as many people as possible.

For everyone who, despite all the measures taken to reduce social contacts, has still not understood: It's not about catching the coronavirus somewhere, as a test of courage, in order to survive it. It's about avoiding infection: especially among the elderly and sick.

To get the hang of the target group: Even some board players are anything but considerate. They meet in small groups, put board games on the table, pack board games with viruses again, celebrate especially when they play their game of Pandemic Legacy and are otherwise just as responsible as those parents who send their offspring to the playground so that they can can learn to develop freely in his personality even in times of crisis.

Do not be stupid and brazen, but clever these days, not selfish, but show solidarity and just do something really crazy: nothing!

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