So that Christmas is not a flop and at least one of the current top board games finds its way under the Christmas tree, I will help you with some well-intentioned recommendations. The following blog article is therefore all about the best board games for the approaching Christmas party. Have fun and have a peaceful Christmas season.

The train departs

Ludonaute's Colt Express has been available for bargain purchases before, but even without a special offer price it's a title that makes an excellent Christmas present. The critics' title "Game of the Year 2015" makes it clear to the recipient: Here you get something very special.

Colt Express inspires 2 to 6 players with an exciting gameplay. The board game can of course also be played with 2 or 3 players without any problems, but only develops its special charm in a larger game. Colt Express makes a lot of fun on the gaming table, because the 3D train looks just wonderful and makes you want to go for the first round. And the same applies here: The more players, the more train wagons, the longer the great train! So grab the whole family - if necessary while holding a smoking Colt in front of you - and play the beginner-friendly Colt Express. Children from approx. 10 years of age learn the rules with ease, so that the games remain comprehensible for them.

As is usual in the Wild West, bandits are up to mischief along the train routes and try to relieve the unsuspecting travelers of their valuables - this of course also in Colt Express. The bandits appear in the form of beautiful wooden meeples (there is already a big applause from the stands) and are clearly marked in different colors. The board players naturally slip into exactly these roles and are eager to become the richest bandit in the region.

Different character cards with different special abilities are available to the players. Unfortunately, not all skills are equally strong - with playful skill, however, you can work on the balancing manually. The player's equipment also includes 6 cartridge cards as well as 10 action cards and a money bag with 250 hard dollars. And off you go with Colt Express!

In phases, the players plan their robbery strategies by using their hand cards. A round card specifies the maximum number of playable cards in hand and whether these must be revealed or secret. In the second phase, the actions are then carried out one after the other. A total of 5 rounds are played, then the loot is counted and the winner is determined. The trigger-happy player will also receive a $ 1000 reward!

Colt Express contains everything a triple A title needs: a nice look, options when playing, simple rules and thus a high level of beginner-friendliness and the opportunity to spend wonderfully entertaining evenings with the whole family.