The strategic board game Coffee Traders is currently being crowdfunded by the Spieleschmiede. The publisher Skellig Games is basically responsible for the implementation, Happyshops takes care of the execution and production as part of the project. The campaign will run until January.

If you are thinking about supporting the expert board game Coffee Traders through the Spieleschmiede, you can take your time. The associated crowdfunding campaign will run until January 5, 2022. The stakes are comparatively high: Skellig Games as the publisher behind the localization and happy shops for the board game are calling for 115 euros.

Coffee Traders: Coffee trading in the seventies

The decision for or against project support is not particularly easy for a coffee trader: The design is conservative, the two-player experience is virtually non-existent and the price is comparatively high. Coffee Traders apparently has everything to pass as a good board game for those who are experienced in the scene: Lots of material, a complex gameplay with a mixture of several mechanics, and also a good, fresh topic. However, it is precisely the latter that is also lacking: Yes, it’s about the coffee trade in America, Africa and Asia in 1970 - the board game looks like it came straight from the seventies, but that’s why it doesn’t have to. As pretty as the markers and tokens are, the layout of the game boards is so conservative. Crammed with symbols, there is hardly any space for the subject.

And yet: If you like such complex trading games, you will probably be happy with Coffee Traders for pure gameplay considerations, because here the board game offers a colorful mix of action selection, contract fulfillment and area control. Players harvest aromatic arabica beans on Fairtrade plantations, which they then sell in their native Antwerp and around the world.

The comprehensive rules suggest: Coffee Traders is a real chunk. At best, the board game is put on the table with three or more players, even if it could be tackled in a duel. The actors behind the crowdfunding campaign for the German version of the board game make it clear: "Coffee Traders is not for in between, but for those who want to celebrate gaming." The game material contributes to this with tons of markers made of wood and game coins made of metal. Together with a large game board, there is an unmistakable table presence.

Anyone interested in Coffee Traders can check out the Skellig Games until January 5, 2022 in the Spieleschmiede. "Those who want to support it then not only contribute to making a German edition possible at all, but can also secure their own copy right away," says the campaign. Coffee Traders comes from the authors Rolf Sagel and André Spil - both have already worked together for Wildcatters. The original was published by Capstone Games.


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