If you are familiar with the card game Itchy Feet, you will certainly be looking forward to the new game from Malachi Ray Rempen: Roll Camera. This is the author's second Kickstarter campaign, and there is a high probability that it will be successful too. 

Instead of a card game, Rempen tries this time with a full board game with cooperation mechanics. The Kickstarter site promises a lot, whether the game Roll camera we will see this in June next year, because then the game should reach the supporters. But what exactly can you imagine with a roll camera?

Cooperation and story telling always work

These are the two main mechanisms that will make the game fun. And they definitely go well together.

The Roll camera all players, but no more than 4, slip into different roles on the set. Whether a producer, director or actor, a film is made here within 90 minutes. Teamwork comes first because neither money nor time should run out before the end of production. Each character has its own player board with individual skills that can be used during the game. This gives the director the option of starting a recording from the very beginning and throwing the old one into the trash can. Or he changes all the idea cards drawn. So everyone has a say and can still get a lot out of it when things get tough.

But how does the game actually work?
It is the turn of the players, one after the other. There are five actions on a turn: First, a problem is drawn that needs to be solved. Then the dice are thrown and placed on the set, these indicate who is available to solve the problem. In addition, various tasks can be carried out. Then all dice are collected again and the time marker is advanced further.

Roll Camera player board

Player board of the director with special offers. Image rights: BGG, @mmrempen

Sounds simple at first, but there are some actions and the players can still pitch ideas in the production meeting, so there is a lot to discuss and logically plan. A total of 5 scenes should end up in the box to complete the film. And here the teamwork element is most important, as with many games, the group dynamics also decide in which direction the game will develop. But you will only win if the film is either a world hit or a trash classic.

Funny art style

The game also attracted attention on Kickstarter because of its fun art style. Itchy Feet also had a similar look. And the material is also well thought out. There are cubes to set up the individual sets, the player boards give each character the right attitude and on the clipboard, time and money can be closely monitored. As always with Kickstarter, there can still be changes in the design and mainly in the material. But the bean-like characters definitely remain.

Have a say in the rewards

As almost always with Kickstarter, there are rewards. Normally, the more people participate in the campaign or the larger the funding amount, the individual levels are reached. With Roll Camera it works differently, because there are rewards just like that. At least almost. There is a big change with 2.000 supporters, the Clapper Box, which should create the right feeling when the game is unpacked.

But there is also more: All supporters shoot the first film together, every day a new decision is made which scene is to be shot and with each scene a new reward is added. Board Game Geek is currently running a vote that you can participate in. Of course, a coherent script should also come out, but one or the other reward cannot be spurned. Because no one knows whether she will be there a second time.

The campaign ends on August 10, but the financing target of around 13.000 euros has already been more than achieved. Almost 43.000 euros were collected from over 1.000 supporters. So it is not enough to reach the record holder this year, but it is impressive. Because that is still Frosthaven, which went online in March and funded a staggering $ 12.969.608.

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