In the old Cluedo manner slip into the role of a real detective and search for the who, What and where to go: sifting through pieces of evidence, following clues, applying profiling - this is now also possible as an escape variant. With Cluedo Treason at the Mansion, Hasbro Gaming launches a series of escape room board games. It is a cooperative reinterpretation of the classic detective game Cluedo.

To challenge players again, Hasbro Gaming has expanded the well-known Tudor Mansion as a crime scene. Now it is also a matter of escaping the walls of the villa together. With the new Cluedo “Treason
in the villa” requires not only logical thinking and patience, but also strategy, skill and joint action.

Visit to a villa – suddenly a scream

The players are guests in the villa of Dr. Black when suddenly there is a scream and the lights go out. Short
then Dr. Black found dead. Cluedo Treason in the Mansion presents the classic Cluedo characters in an exciting escape room adventure and hereby starts a whole new board game series. Fans experience Cluedo in a whole new, cooperative way. Players pull together and use their detective skills to solve puzzles and escape the mansion before the police arrive.

The new Cludeo "Verrat in der Villa" remains true to its line and presents its fans from the age of ten with an exciting criminal case that needs to be solved. The game can be played alone or in company. The new challenge now lies in mastering further tasks in order to escape from the mansion together. here
Numerous logic and brain teasers, such as word games and number puzzles await the players. Some tasks also have to be uncovered under time pressure.

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Escape game fans can also look forward to additional special features: In order to solve the puzzles, no parts of the game are destroyed, so that it can even be played several times, especially if not all clues have been found or the players have changed. The expandable playing field brings even more excitement and variety. As players move their pawns from room to room, the game board expands and changes, revealing more rooms to explore. The evidence contained therein has to be secured and the puzzles have to be solved. Escape from the villa is a partial goal on the way to solving the exciting criminal case.

Cluedo "Betrayal at the Mansion" immerses players in a unique gaming experience. Even true Cluedo fans who know all the characters will be surprised by this variant. Hasbro Gaming launches its new series of crime-puzzle games with a focus on escape with Treachery from the Mansion. More games of this series with higher difficulty levels will follow towards the end of this year.


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