A clue box is an interactive puzzle box that you try to open. For this you have to solve various logic puzzles and tasks. Each solution brings you a little closer to your goal. But what can he do? Escape Room in box format? That's why I'm watching now Cluebox Schrödinger's cat closer to.

What do you get?

You get an interesting one 52 piece wooden box made of birch wood. Interesting as you can already see numerous areas where puzzles are hidden. The game comes in a small package with the most necessary information. For this game, that's 45-60 minutes playing time and the recommended age is 14+. In addition, there is also a hint that the game can be played again (by other people). For this cluebox it was helpful a pen and paper to have on hand or anything to take notes.


Cluebox, photo: Tim Nissel

You will also get a link to a website with hints and a short story.

Schrödinger's cat is a thought experiment by the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger and illustrates the problems of quantum mechanics in everyday objects. In this experiment, a cat and some poison are locked in a closed box. Now quantum mechanics says that after a while the cat is both dead and alive. Unfortunately, Schrödinger completely forgot about the cat because of his busy schedule. We are sure that the cat is still alive and we have to save her!  

how do you play

You have the box and now it starts. But how actually? There is no classic guide or hint to get started. you have to start with what you have: the box. So I started looking for some clues. I quickly found a few keys, but what I had to do with them was completely unclear to me. You can see all the puzzles straight away, but you don't even know which puzzle it is when and what you need for the puzzle. After some searching and initial desperation (Should I use a hint before the first puzzle?) I finally found the beginning. Then it goes on like this: you look for the next puzzle and the appropriate clues. Don't worry, you don't have to search randomly, actually there are clues that tell you where and how to start. 
With each puzzle you solve, you unlock new puzzles (which were previously blocked, for example) and get closer and closer to opening the box. Since your goal is to open the box, it is clear that the puzzle blocking the lid can only be solved at the end. In principle, you can cheat, but you'll ruin the fun for yourself. Of course, for some puzzles you can simply search for the Trial and Error Proceed in principle and try to solve the riddle in this way. However, since each riddle can be solved logically, you should refrain from doing so and only try to solve a riddle if you really have an idea. 

If you were able to open the box, you will find a small magnet with a QR code. If you follow the link, you can go to the Hall of Fame enter.

Now you can reassemble the game and give it away or let friends guess. Especially cool: You can also use the box as a gift wrap and put small gifts, vouchers, money, etc. in it. There are also brief instructions for assembly on the homepage.

The opened Cluebox, photo: Tim Nissel

Who is the Cluebox suitable for?

In my opinion, the Cluebox is great for people who like to puzzle and want to think outside the box. If you get frustrated quickly, you won't have much fun - but that applies to all escape games in general, not just to the Cluebox.

The game is recommended for 1-2 people and I think that's a good thing. If you play alone, you have the box to yourself and no one will talk you into it. You can try all ideas directly and don't have to wait for the other person to finish. On the other hand, you don't have anyone to turn to for advice when you're stuck.
In general, I have had the experience with escape games that another person can be very useful. If you get stuck, one person can read the clue and then give their own clues so that the other person can figure out the solution. Otherwise you know the solution directly from the hint.

If you are looking for an unusual gift packaging, you will probably find it here. But don't give away anything that needs to be opened quickly - sometimes it can take a while 😀

In general, the Cluebox looks very nicely designed. Only the keys were quite loose for me, so that some of them came loose immediately when I took out the box - but that wasn't a problem for me.

My Opinion

I had a lot of fun with the Cluebox. Yes, it was very frustrating at times, but the joy is all the greater when you have found the right solution. The playing time is comparable to an escape game, but it also has its own advantages and disadvantages. The price is significantly higher than comparable (based on the playing time) escape games. Also, you can only play here in very small groups or alone. But that is certainly clear to you in advance. Solving a clue box on your own has its own appeal. But now there is also a decisive advantage, because you don't break anything (if you do, the game doesn't want it) and you can give the Cluebox away or lend it to anyone. As already mentioned, it is ideal as packaging for smaller gifts. 


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