The developers of Star Citizen have published their current roadmap and changed the development rhythm. For this reason, the beta of Star Citizen's single player campaign called Squadron 42 has been postponed by three months.

The fans were actually looking forward to a first look at Squadron 42 at the beginning of 2020, due to the change in the development rhythm with the name "Staggered Development", fans now have to wait at least three months longer for the beta start.

Roadmap sets course for a major update

What exactly does Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) understand by “staggered delevopment”? What this means is that different teams are working on two content updates at the same time. One group is working on patch 3.7 - which will be released at the end of September - another has already started working on patch 3.8.

Once Update 3.7 is released, the team will start developing 3.9 - and so on. The big advantage of this approach should be that a team can spend more time fine-tuning the patches so that they can be released with fewer bugs.

The roadmap now officially describes the contents of the next major update 4.0, which is to be published in the second quarter of 2020.

Here are some of the most important new features:

  • New planet called Crusader including a landing zone called Orison.
  • Improved AI: NPCs can now also join a fight with their ships within planetary atmospheres. In addition, the AI ​​should improve in armed hand-to-hand combat on foot.
  • With the status system 2.0, the players receive a revised status system, which contains new effects.
  • The Zero-G Push and Pull function is to be introduced, this should enable movement with the hands in weightlessness.
  • A docking mechanism with spaceships at the space station is introduced into the game.
  • The ship "Crusader Hercules Starlifter" will be included, this is a military transport ship.
  • NPC Scheduler: the function controls the spawning of NPCs.
  • Performance improvements
  • A new shield system comes into play, this no longer represents a large shield around an object, but has different zones.

Here is the new roadmap from CIG:

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