From September 15th, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will also be able to play their games via cloud gaming on their smartphone or tablet - at no additional cost. Microsoft has canceled this and thus confirms the official start of the new service offering. The more than 150 titles also include current games, including Tell me why, Grounded and Battletoads. 

So Cloud Gaming has not yet fully arrived among gamers. Many have heard of it, but very few actually use such services. With the introduction of cloud gaming as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, that could change quickly, provided a compatible Bluetooth controller is available. Fans can then use the new feature at no extra charge.

Cloud Gaming: More than 150 titles to start with

More than 150 titles are available, including popular first-party titles like Tell Me Why, Grounded, Forza Horizon 4, and Battletoads. In addition, fans can also play games from partner studios such as Spiritfarer, Untitled Goose Game and Destiny 2. At the start, Cloud Gaming is available in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in 22 markets, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In addition to the currently more than 150 titles, new ones will be added over and over again, and selected EA titles will find their way into the cloud gaming library for the Christmas season, according to Microsoft. Players can then be played with greater flexibility in terms of location: Start on the Xbox in the living room, then continue on the smartphone in the bedroom. In addition, as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, cloud gaming also opens up the world of many Xbox titles to those who may not even have a console. With an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, all players need is an Android phone or tablet and a supported controller.

Microsoft recently announced its cooperation with Electronic Arts:

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There are no additional costs for this: The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is expanded to include another feature. Microsoft is strengthening its subscription in the run-up to the release of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and stands out from the competition with its service. Sony continues to act passively in this segment; official information on similar feature enhancements for Sony's Playstation subscription service is still not available despite the upcoming online event.

For a monthly price of 12.99 euros, owners of a console from the Xbox One family get access to an extensive game library, can use online multiplayer services, will soon also be able to access EA games and now play in the cloud. Cloud gaming is available to players through the Xbox Game Pass app, which can be downloaded from the Samsung Galaxy Store, the ONE Store or the Google Play Store. It starts on September 15th.

"In order to make the transition as stable as possible for all players, the offer of cloud gaming in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be gradually expanded until it is available globally," announced Microsoft. At the beginning, Microsoft's cloud gaming will only work via Android, whether and when iOS will also be supported is currently uncertain.


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