After the successful first closed beta of Yager's first-person shooter The Cycle: Frontier, which included almost 350.000 players, the second closed game test of the survival shooter will start on March 10, 2022.

The unique High Risk, High Reward gameplay of The Cycle: Frontier was streamed a whopping 3 million hours over the course of the first closed beta on Twitch. The Cycle: Frontier is playable for PC via both Steam and the Epic Games Store, registrations for the closed beta from March 10, 2022 are already possible directly via Steam and for the Epic Game Store via the official website.

By the way: Participants in the first closed beta automatically get access to the second closed beta without further registration.

The Cycle: PvP and PvE

The Cycle: Frontier is a free to play, suspenseful FPS shooter that blends PvE and PvP. The goal is to complete quests on a deserted planet while defending yourself from hostile creatures and armed opponents. But be careful: resources and mission objectives can only be kept if the players leave the planet alive. The resources gained can be used for weapon upgrades and other improvements that will positively affect future drops. The Cycle: Frontier offers a competitive multiplayer experience.

From March 10th, players will have to choose missions again, take weapons and equipment with them and explore the dangerous planet Fortuna III at their own risk. The new closed beta brings new elite variants of the classic enemy types into play, which, along with hostile players, now represent the greatest danger on planet Fortuna III. Thanks to the diverse feedback from the community in the first beta, the final closed beta gives a comprehensive look at improved maps, more versatile enemy design and optimized weapon gameplay. This includes accuracy, impact and handling, as well as brand new weapon attachments that allow for customization. We've also added anti-cheat prevention, more Quality of Life updates based on community feedback, and improved audio.

Another important feature is the introduction of faction campaigns. Where in the first beta simple missions were the linchpin of interaction with the three powerful factions, now there are full campaigns that let recruits start by taking the hand and further explore the story of The Cycle: Frontier. Completed campaigns also unlock special in-game events such as the Korolev Laser Drill, which veterans are already familiar with. Once the event has started, players must prepare to defend the drill with their lives against hostile attacks in order to reap additional rewards if successful. The other two factions, Osiris and ICA, also have extensive in-game events up their sleeves, the secrets of which can be explored in the second closed beta starting on March 10th.

The official release will be announced soon.

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