French publisher Asmodee Digital today released Catan, invented by Klaus Teuber, for the Nintendo Switch console. The board game adaptation was developed in cooperation with USM, who already have experience with other digital variants of the game. Catan for Nintendo Switch is available now and includes the free “Seafarers” expansion – the “Cities and Knights” add-on, which has to be purchased separately, has additional content that is then available for a fee.

Catan use the strengths of the Nintendo Switch and offer the classic at the same time Catanexperience, Asmodee Digital announces today's release of the board game adaptation. The "masterpiece of board game design" - as the French publisher calls it - offers great strategic depth despite its easy entry. When colonizing the island, every decision counts - the player with the largest network of settlements and cities brings the player Catan under his control.

Catan: Settling now also on Nintendo Switch

Catan Island is an unpopulated land full of natural resources. Several players compete in a competitive game and try to gain sovereignty over the island. For this, the players have to build settlements, cities and streets at strategically relevant points on the virtual game board, compensate for shortages or surpluses of resources and trade diplomatically with other players.

"We're excited to bring this masterpiece of strategy board games to the Nintendo Switch. The game is sure to please fans, but will also attract new players by combining the deep choice and entertainment of the original with the unique features of the Switch.”

Pierre Ortolan, CEO of Asmodee Digital

A campaign is supposed to add variety to the game - with several scenarios and three different levels of difficulty. Asmodee Digital describes the advantages of the board game adaptation for Nintendo Switch, players can choose their own game pieces, profiles and board designs and at the same time enjoy the convenience of a digital interface.

"By combining our digital expertise and roots in the board game world, we want to create an impressive experience that lives up to Catan's legacy and at the same time transports the game into the digital era."

Pierre Ortolan, CEO of Asmodee Digital

In the online mode including leaderboards, players can compete for the rank of the best settler and enjoy the game in front of the TV as well as on the go.

Launch trailer for the Nintendo Switch release of "Catan".

The "Seafarer" expansion is included in the base game and sends the players on a journey to the islands around Catan. Unexplored land and new gameplay elements such as shipbuilding and pirates offer fearless settlers new opportunities to explore.

The expansion "Cities and Knights" is aimed at experienced players, is available separately and brings a golden age full of trade and prosperity to Catan.

However, the region's wealth also has its price: the knights have to stand in the way of attracted barbarians. Together, the players must protect their island from a common enemy while maintaining control of cities and metropolises.

The main game Catan including the expansion “The Seafarers” is available for Nintendo Switch from today for 19,99 euros. The expansion "Cities and Knights" is available separately for 5,99 euros.

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