The civilization board game Civilization: A New Age, published in this country by Asmodee, gets a solo set of rules from Fantasy Flight Games. Both the instructions and the automated player cards required for solo play can be downloaded free of charge. This not only makes the board game interesting for solo players, but also brings it back into conversation: in October, an expansion will appear with Terra Incognita.

The corona pandemic has ensured that many publishers have developed solo rules for their board games, most of which can be downloaded, printed out and used completely free of charge as print-and-play. Fantasy Flight Games has now published a corresponding set of rules for the civilization game Civilization: A New Age, in the original “Civilization: A New Dawn” by James Kniffen.

Solo-Civilization: Maps and rules for free as a download

It is thanks to a little more than a lucky coincidence that author Toni Fanchi has developed a complete set of solo rules. The topic came up to him while he was working on the design for the Terra Incognita extension, now players can already try out the concept. He has noticed since that Civilization is “perfectly suited” to compete against a programmed opponent - that is, a cardboard AI. Conceptually, the “Automated Player” emerged, for which focus cards reflect the actions.

However, the automated opponent does not act completely unpredictably, although Fanchi had initially designed a more complex system - cards were skipped in it - but then discarded again. Despite the predictability, Toni Fanchi sees a playful appeal in the solo part, which is more like a kind of puzzle. You can guess the moves, you have to think ahead, so the game against the cardboard AI should correspond in parts to a game against human opponents.

The highlight: The “Automated Player” is not only suitable for solo games, but can also be used in games with three players, explains Fanchi. The functionality of the AP allows players to use the cardboard AI even against other players, i.e. to manipulate it accordingly. Balancing is always a challenge in such projects

Cards and rules are available free of charge as a via Fantasy Flight Games Download available.


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