The latest DLC pack for the Civilization VI: Leader Pass - Rulers-of-China is now available. In the Rulers of China Pack, Yongle (China), Wu Zetian (China), and Qin Shihuangdi the Unifier (China) establish new ruling dynasties.

The Civilization VI: Leader Pass is a new Season Pass that adds 18 new playable Leader variants for Civilization VI. Civilization VI: Leader Pass content will be delivered via 6 DLC packs, releasing through March 2023 for Windows PC via Steam and Epic, for macOS via Steam and Mac App Store, and for iOS on the App Store.

Yongle (China)

When Zhu Di, Prince of Yan, ascended the throne, he took the reign name of Yongle. As emperor, he did not indulge in excessive luxury, but exacted and received tributes from dozens of other countries. In the game, he likes civilizations with positive income per turn and despises those with negative income per turn.

New ability: Lijia
• All cities will receive projects where they can convert 50% of their production into food or faith, or 100% into gold.
• Cities with 10 or more residents get +2 Gold, +1 Science, and +1 Culture per turn per citizen in that city (requires Rise and Fall or Gathering Storm DLC packs).

Wu Zetian (China)

As the only woman to ever sit on the Chinese throne, Wu Zetian shifted the focus of power away from powerful families to a more centralized bureaucracy and guided Chinese politics towards a more meritocratic system by opening up administrative reviews to the general public. As regent, she relied on her secret police to eliminate any perceived rivals, and in-game she is no less tolerant of competition. She despises any nearby armies and settlements that are not hers.

New Ability: Manual of Traps
• All offensive spies act 1 level higher.
• Whenever an offensive espionage mission is successful, players also receive 50% of the culture and science earned by the targeted city that turn.
• A free spy is granted upon discovery of Defense Tactics.

Qin Shihuangdi, the Unifier (China)

Although Qin Shihuangdi did not personally lead any troops, he is still considered a warlord who unified the Chinese empire, even going so far as to standardize weights and measures, unify the Chinese script, and issue a new imperial currency. He is also known for creating the Terracotta Army, which was raised for his protection in the afterlife. Since Qin Shihuangdi likes to recruit barbarians in the game, he doesn't like it when other civilizations try to defeat them.

New Ability: Thirty-six Stratagems
• Melee units gain the Convert Barbarians action. This action converts barbarian units to friendly units.

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