The clock change at the end of October heralds the cold season for many people. And indeed it is getting cooler outside: winter is approaching!

The first Christmas markets will open in a few weeks and, from December XNUMXst, the little doors of the Advent calendar may traditionally be opened again. Stress-free for everyone who has already been able to buy an advent calendar. In contrast, it is cheap for those who are only now thinking about buying an advent calendar. As every year, the prices will drop by a double-digit percentage as soon as the end of November is within reach, depending on the popularity of the chosen model.

To make the decision easier for those looking for - or to make it more difficult because of the great ideas - we present some of the best Advent calendars for children and adults. 

The board game advent calendar 2017 from Frosted Games

Frosted Games now surprises board gamers every year with a colorful smorgasbord of goodies for popular parlor games. For connoisseurs of the scene, the board game advent calendar has been part of "nerd culture" since the first edition. What Frosted Games packs behind the little doors is impressive, because the content fits into award-winning and widespread board games. This means that the board game advent calendar in 2017 is not a low-budget production, but real added value for passionate board and card players.

Christmas 2017: the best advent calendars for children and adults
Christmas 2017: the best advent calendars for children and adults

Although the advent calendar does not primarily appeal to adults, the content often relates to board games, the recommended starting age of which is beyond preschool age. the Board game advent calendar* from Frosted Games is - not only purely thematically - our highlight from the area of ​​Advent calendars for adults. At around 49 euros, the pretty cardboard is not cheap (and certainly not cheap at all), but it is probably the only calendar for board players that is completely about their hobby.

If that's not enough as a purchase argument, you can see the full list of the board and card games represented here:

• 51st State, Portal Games
• Alexandria, Ludicreations
• Cacao Diamante, Abacus, Games
• Chimera Station, TMG and BrewCrafter
• Cottage Garden, Edition playground
• The castles of Burgundy, Alea
• The Mists of Valskyr, Asmodee
• The Guilds of London, Surprised Stare Games
• Flame Rouge,
• Flick Em Up, Pretzel Games
• Foundation of Eternity, Cosmos
• Gentes, Spielworxx
• GLÜX, Queen Games
• Iquazu, Haba
• Klong !, gravity
• Magic Maze, SitDown Games and Pegasus Games
• Mystery, Libellud
• Nomads, Ludonaute
• Rajas of the Ganges, yikes!
• Riga, Ostia games
• Nice sh # !? e, amigo games
• Snowdonia, Lookout Games
• Splendor, Space Cowboys
• The King's Will, ADC Blackfire
• The Lost Expedition, Osprey Games

What should not go unmentioned is the fact that the illustrations for the board game advent calendar are by Dennis Lohhausen, a games illustrator who previously used titles such as A feast for Odin, The Mystical Land or camel up his handwriting already. This year the board game advent calendar even has a bonus in the form of a 35th expansion. 

The best for last: thanks to the fact that no sugar is used, the contents of the Board game advent calendar* from Frosted Games not thick!

Screwing, sawing, hammering: the Wera advent calendar

Even Santa Claus prefers to use a screwdriver himself when it comes to winterizing the reindeer sleigh. And what makes Santa Claus happy can only be good for the average man (and woman interested in tools). Because the hobby room is a huge playground for many do-it-yourselfers anyway, we hit the core of this game blog in terms of content with the Craftsman Advent Calendar. Particularly recommended among the Advent calendars for adults is the edition from Wera, a tool manufacturer from Wuppertal. Like the board game advent calendar, the ferrous edition from Wera has now achieved a kind of cult status - at least among people who know how to use quality tools.

Because it seems somehow boring to hide exactly 24 surprises behind 24 little doors, Wera put 34 tool surprises in the Advent calendar without further ado.

Wera's magic formula for calendar fans who are enthusiastic about crafts and who prefer to spend their time in the do-it-yourself cellar instead of in front of the Christmas tree is:

"A Kraftform Micro bit hand holder with magnetic chuck for 4 mm micro interchangeable blades, a Kraftform bit hand holder with Rapidaptor quick-change chuck for standard 1/4 inch standard bits, a socket adapter and an offset screwdriver (each with a 1/4 inch hexagon on 1/4 inch square)."  

That doesn't mean everything is said by a long way, because: "Thanks to its leverage, the included Allen key for sockets enables very high power transmission."

And because nuts go perfectly with the Christmas season, be that Wera advent calendar* Highly recommended for adults. If you are clever as a gift giver, you can buy the high-performance LED flashlight, the multi-function folding knife and maybe a nice board game too.

Sport instead of chocolate: the fitness advent calendar

You can formulate hints more sensitively than with a flat one "Honey, you're too fat!". Thanks to the run-up to Christmas, you can use the flower to signal to your partner that a little more exercise may be the right resolution for the coming year.

Or why not race through the Advent season with the right workout?

Christmas 2017: the best advent calendars for children and adults

Thanks to Roth's "Feel fit" fitness advent calendar, everyone who receives the gift knows what's going on right away. Instead of chocolate or biscuits, the fitness advent calendar contains everything that gets your body going: a pedometer, for example, which relentlessly shows how much or little you move between the fridge and the sofa every day. There are also other practical goodies such as a gymnastics band - including suitable exercises, of course. Various wellness teas and a little gem make it "Feel fit"* Calendar the ideal advent calendar for adults who want to get their bodies going before the new year. 

Star Wars Revell Advent Calendar

Star Wars is always a topic for an advent calendar - this year too. But it doesn't always have to be LEGO, even if the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar is terrific. The Revell construction set is a real alternative to semi-movable plastic figures. In 24 days, budding drone pilots assemble their own RC Star Wars drone so that it can be launched punctually on Christmas Eve. Thanks to the built-in easy-to-fly altimeter, even beginners can take off immediately.

Christmas 2017: the best advent calendars for children and adults

The Star Wars drone only needs to be steered forwards and backwards as well as to the left and right - the drone maintains its flight altitude by itself. And because the aircraft looks like an X-Wing, not only children but also many adults will have a lot of fun with it. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Star Wars drone can be used indoors without any problems:

- Length: approx. 330 mm
- Width: approx. 234 mm
- Height: approx. 57 mm
- Rotor Ø: approx. 98 mm
- Take-off weight: approx. 115 g

Sci fantasy fans, kids, and drone pilots get on with this Advent Calendar* the ideal gift to bridge the run-up to Christmas.

Advent is educational time: the Galileo Advent Calendar

You still have a lot to learn! Children who are willing to learn should not take an educational break even in the run-up to Christmas - especially if the opinion of particularly ambitious parents is up. the Galileo advent calendar* from Clementoni will definitely help the next generation of professionals to take the next step in their careers. At least the contents of the child-friendly Advent calendar ensure a lot of fun and encourage the offspring's thirst for discovery and knowledge.

Christmas 2017: the best advent calendars for children and adults

Every day until Christmas Eve there is a surprise or a little experiment waiting behind the door. With this game program, children learn to understand their (surrounding) world better. Fascinating questions are answered in a comprehensible and easily understandable way, so that the contents of the Galileo Advent Calendar 2017 are suitable for children from approx. 8 years of age.