Open-world sandbox game Chimeraland is now offering pre-registrations. In the new game for PC, iOS and Android, which will be released this summer, players can tame monsters and fuse them with other monsters in battle to create chimeras. There are no limits to the imagination. The character can also be adapted as desired and the world can be built on imaginatively.

After a successful closed beta test, Level Infinite has announced that Chimeraland pre-registration is open to players from Europe and North America. Chimeraland is a free open-world sandbox adventure game coming to PC, iOS, and Android this summer.

Gang warfare and advanced rehabilitation programs are available

Inspired by legends, Chimeraland transports players to a prehistoric, mythical world where fantastical monsters roam the land, sea and sky. Once captured and tamed, players can transform their mounts. They use Chimeraland's innovative "Evolution and Devour" mechanic. Once a Chimera has been devoured by an enemy, the animal gains an additional body part. Players no longer have to imagine what a unicorn with a scorpion's tail would look like, they can simply create it themselves. The many customization options in Chimeraland don't just relate to the monsters. The characters and the big world can also be adjusted according to the ideas of the players.

All pre-registered players will receive exclusive items to help them get started in Chimeraland this summer. Additional rewards are available for all players when pre-registrations exceed XNUMX million, XNUMX million, XNUMX million and XNUMX million. On the official website there is all the information about it.

Key Features of Chimeralands:

  • Vast, open world: Players can explore a 1000 km² world
  • Changes in a mystical wilderness: A dreamlike world is being built everywhere, whether on land, in the sea or in the sky
  • Customization of the experience: With tons of different customization options, all players can look the way they want
  • Unique Monsters: Each monster can become the player's companion and gain different properties, forms, and abilities through "Evolution" and "Devour."
  • Versatile Weapons for Better Fights: Players fearlessly engage in battles with a variety of weapons that can be switched at any time

Chimeraland is an open world game with a lot of freedom. Players are free to explore and build, interact with exotic animals, fight, breed pets and survive in a dynamic ancient world.

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