The Escape Adventure Children of Wyrmwood is currently running as crowdfunding in the Spieleschmiede. “Your name is Gilbert and you live in a small town without a family,” is the premise of the game. “Dangerous wyrm roots are spreading here and there”, reason enough to plunge into a new puzzle adventure with many ramifications. Financing has already been secured: almost 300 supporters have invested 9.000 euros so far. However, the campaign will still run for around a month.

Nobody wants to touch the wyrm roots: It is said that anyone who touches this mixture of animal and plant will lose their mind. It's annoying when you can't just avoid the situation because you're the hero in a story. Happyshops wants to publish the most extensive and at the same time darkest of the Escape Tales in a German-language localized version under the Grimspire brand. That will work: The crowdfunding in the game forge has already reached the target of 3.500 euros. To be more precise: fans are about to triple the amount.

Hours of entertainment for groups and solo adventurers

The escape adventure Escape Tales: Children of Wyrmwood is aimed at a group of up to four players, but can also be played alone. The recommended age is 16. In the course of the story, which is driven by story books, maps and an app, the troops are confronted with puzzles and decisions. Exciting: Everything should have an impact on the course of the story.

The components are not destroyed in this puzzle game. Image: Grimspire

Not a throw-away escape game: the material is not destroyed in this puzzle game. Image: Grimspire

Nevertheless, players are taken by the hand on their journey: Not every puzzle is relevant for the progression of the story, so tasks can be canceled. If the puzzles are necessary, players will notice. As a central point of contact, the app does not require an active internet connection, it also works offline. There are changes to the previous games, including two new card types and a new card mechanism.

Because the adventure is not linear, there are several stages - only then, depending on the decisions made, players have seen and read everything the Escape Tales: Children of Wyrmwood has to offer. Unlike other escape games, this title is not a throwaway game. So the material is not damaged.

Until February 17th the swarm financing is running in the game forge. Grimspire Escape Tales: Children of Wyrmwood is expected to deliver in June 2021, around one quarter of the year after the end of the campaign. The Escape game costs 27 euros and should offer a playing time of over seven hours.


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