A Heart for Animals: The charity DLC “Paws and Claws” of the beautiful roguelike Children of Morta has raised over $300.000 since its release. 100 percent of all proceeds go to the Humane Society International, which works to improve the living conditions of our animal friends worldwide.

Family ties are one of the pillars of the Children of Morta story. The family pets are also an important part of the story of the Bergsons - heroes working together to drive the relentless corruption from their homeland. As Christmas approaches, a time when we celebrate friends, family, pets and more, 11 bit studios announces heartwarming news: the Children of Morta “Paws and Claws” charity DLC has officially raised over $300.000 for charity .

$300.000 for a good cause

The Children of Morta Paws and Claws DLC, released in August 2020, added a pet shelter – an entirely new area in the Bergson family home – to the game, as well as animal boosts when exploring dungeons and the ability to feed a variety of pets and to provide. From day one of its release, 11 bit studios and developer Dead Mage have donated 100 percent of their earnings to the Humane Society International. This organization has set itself the task of protecting the lives of animals and improving the living conditions for animals worldwide.

11 bit studios would like to thank gamers around the globe for their continued support of HSI and for their tremendous generosity. At the same time, 11 bit studios raised money for Ukraine by selling This War of Mine and other titles.

If you don't know Children of Morta yet, the game is available at a 5 percent discount until the end of the winter sale on January 70th.

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