Dragomino by Pegasus Spiele has been named Children's Game of the Year 2021 by Spiel des Jahres eV. The trio of authors around Bruno Cathala and Marie and Wilfried Fort will be happy, and maybe even more so the Hessian publishing house. This year, for the first time ever, he was able to win the award for the best children's board game of a year.

On Monday morning, the Children's Game of the Year jury announced this year's winner - Dragomino. After Kingdomino was awarded Game of the Year 2017, Pegasus Spiele is now very pleased that the children's version was also able to convince the jury. It is the first time that Pegasus Spiele has won the globally coveted award for Children's Game of the Year.

Win dragons!

In addition to Dragomino from Pegasus Spiele, Fabelwelten, also by Marie and Wilfried Fort, as well as Mia London by Antoine Bauza and Corentin Lebrat were shortlisted for the Children's Game of the Year 2021 award. Schools and kindergartens were closed for a long time, there were short opening phases, but overall not much happened. These were very special conditions for the children's game of the year jury, as jury coordinator Christoph Schlewinski also suggests: "Because in times of contact restrictions and home schooling, a well-founded and qualified assessment is needed more than ever as to which games stand out from the crowd ."

In the end, a decision was made because families were recruited as testers. "Above all, the advisory board system of the Kinderspiel des Jahres jury has proven to be extremely effective, because our advisory boards were able to continue testing in their facilities as soon as they were open again," explains Schlewinski in a comment on the 2021 game year in the area of ​​children's games.

In the end, the jury was particularly impressed by Dragomino from Pegasus Spiele. Especially because somehow all children's games are winners - especially this year. In many families, board and card games ensure that you can endure the times of isolation in the omnipresent corona situation. Could hold out.


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Children's games have been part of the Pegasus Spiele publishing range since 2015. At the beginning, the Hessian publisher already had excellent children's games such as Viva Topo! (Children's game of the year 2003) or the beetle's masked ball (children's game of the year 2002) reissued as part of the “Pünktchenzeile” series. The children's play range was then gradually supplemented with its own titles. In recent years, several Pegasus games titles have made it onto the nomination and recommendation lists for the so-called blue pawn: The cooperative cat-and-mouse game Mmm! (2016 nomination list), the cooperative memory game about young magic school children Magic to the power of three (2017 list of recommendations), the fairytale travel game in the fairy tale land of the same name Fabulantica (2019 nomination list) as well as Foto Fish (list of nominations) and Go Slow! (List of recommendations) together with sales partner Logis last year. This successful series has now been crowned with the award from Dragomino for children's game of the year 2021.

Dragomino by Bruno Cathala and Marie & Wilfried Fort is the child-friendly version of the Game of the Year 2017, Kingdomino. In search of baby dragons, two to four game ends, ages five and up, visit a mysterious island. They explore these little by little by laying out colorful dominoes. Whenever the players place the dominoes so that the depicted landscapes fit together, they discover a dragon egg there. If a baby hatches there is one point for it at the end of the game; if the egg is empty, there are no points, but the end of the game may first take a new domino in the next round.

The Children's Game of the Year jury said of the Children's Game of the Year 2021: “Dragomino shows in an impressive way how to turn a family game into a children's game. As a sibling game from Kingdomino, it brings an interesting and fantastic atmosphere to the table, in which children find their way around completely after just one game. Luck and deliberation keep each other in an exciting balance and that is why children always want to immerse themselves in the world of domino dragons. "

The SPiel des Jahres eV has put the following seven titles on the list of recommendations for children's games 2021:

  • Hipp Hopp Hippo by Anna Oppolzer and Stefan Kloß (Schmidt)
  • Inspector nose from Reinhard Staupe (NSV)
  • Captain Kuller by Kirsten Hiese (Schmidt) Memo Friends (Goula / Jumbo)
  • Swip'Sheep by Yann Dupont (Djeco)
  • Tapikékoi? by Romaric Galonnier and Laurent Toulouse (Djeco)
  • Dream catcher by David Franck and Laurent Escoffier (Space Cow)



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