At the moment it seems inevitable that Electronic Arts will have to rebrand the popular football video game series FIFA, at least there does not seem to have been a breakthrough regarding the licensing partnership. The fact that FIFA suddenly got a different name after around 30 years is actually unthinkable - and yet that is exactly what could happen. 

In the marketing department of EA Sports, one could work up a sweat in view of the license negotiations, after all, the forced renaming would be no less than a marketing meltdown. Having to convey that to fans FIFA Soccer is inside where EA Sport FC is on it, should definitely be difficult. That could even boost Konami's flopped eFootball, which would be crazy enough. Wait: EA Sport FC?

Rumor: FIFA should be called EA Sports FC

At the end of the year, EA confirmed that it was considering renaming the FIFA series. One simple reason: the license has simply become too expensive. And apparently FIFA also wanted to curb monetization opportunities. This would make “FIFA 23” not only more expensive to maintain the brand, but also less lucrative. The governing body of world football had wanted 2,5 billion US dollars every four years.

Rumor has it that EA Sports has already come up with an alternative title for the football game series: EA Sports FC - long: EA Sports Football Club. At least that's what the current episode of the Giant Bomb Show with journalist Jeff Grubb (GrubbSnax) says.

So this year it could already be the case. No, it has to happen - unless a small miracle happens. In any case, the license agreement with FIFA is expiring, and you shouldn't expect big discount campaigns from the officials, because if there's one thing that's going well in football - apart from the ball itself - it's with the money. EA Sport has already registered the football club brand, which is at least another indication of a "rebranding".

It is unclear whether FIFA may be planning a partnership with other publishers. The absolutely craziest case would be a license cooperation with Konami. They could then perhaps stamp out their meanwhile counted eFootball brand and fill the gap with FIFA 23 that EA Sports is opening with an “EA Sport FC”?

In the end, it's not quite that simple: Basically, the FIFA license initially applies to the World Cup content of the FIFA series. In addition, there are countless contracts and partnerships, including an important one with the "Fédération Internationale des Associations de Footballeurs Professionnels", FIFPro for short, i.e. the worldwide representation of professional footballers and their interests. The organization represents around 65.000 professional players. There are also partnerships and cooperations with clubs, associations or teams. Ultimately, EA will also have to lose its feathers due to the loss of the official FIFA license, but not to such an extent that it is guaranteed to be directly felt by fans. Ultimately, “FIFA 23” would have more than enough official status to remain recognizable to fans of the series – probably no PC or console gamer has ever bought a FIFA soccer game because of the World Cup content alone.

And: Electronic Arts would probably only have to last a year to establish the new football series with a name. "Football Ultimate Team" should then remain FUT, also this year for the 2023 count. Once fans have the gamepad in hand, the license should quickly be forgotten. In the end, from an economic point of view, EA Sports would do well to push through the rebranding – ultimately the publisher has far less “name pressure” than some fans assume.

In the end, Electronic Arts wins not only the “license dispute”, but many billions of US dollars that would otherwise have to be spent to obtain a license that might not even be needed.

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