Z-Man Games announces Challengers, a fast-paced auto battler and deck management game. Challengers combines the easy-to-learn fun of card duel with the strategy of deck-building in an engaging showdown of characters. In Challengers, up to eight players compete simultaneously to become champions. According to Asmodee, the new card game can be discovered at the games fair in Essen and will soon be available in stores.

There's more to Challengers than just announcing a new card game from Z-Man Games. Because: the Viennese game company 1 More Time Games (formerly Riftforce, Riftforce – Beyond) not only has its fingers in and on the game, but is also centrally involved in the implementation.

Duels with crazy characters

Challengers features over 70 wacky characters from diverse locations including Hollywood, outer space and the monstrous deep sea. Or from a bathtub.

Players draw character cards with unique abilities and must make difficult deck-building decisions between rounds, as each character combination opens up new ways to win. In duels, players win trophies and fans by defeating other players.

After seven rounds, the two players with the most trophies and fans go head-to-head to determine the ultimate champion. Players can also test a winning strategy in the game's solo mode, and look forward to more team building options with future character expansions.

"I was hooked from my first round of Challengers," says Sophie Gravel, head of Z-Man Games, who oversaw the launch of Pandemic's Second Edition, Azul, Pandemic Legacy, and other games. “The game is non-stop, nerve-wracking fun. Each map placement is an important moment that can decide the battle. No two games are the same: after hundreds of rounds, players are still learning how to perfect their winning team of characters. And with more character decks, the thrill of the Challengers tournament will never end.”

Challengers was developed by Z-Man Games in collaboration with 1 More Time Games, a Vienna-based indie board game studio. Z-Man Games worked with 1 More Time Games to perfect Challengers' gameplay design, refine the material and expand the game's reach around the world.

"When Z-Man Games offered us to co-develop and publish Challengers worldwide, it was a dream come true," says Roman Rybiczka, co-founder of 1 More Time Games. “Working with such an experienced team of industry leaders has been an exciting and fun journey that we didn't want to pass up. We are very proud that players around the world will soon be able to enjoy Challengers at its best.”


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