The CCXP Cologne celebrated its German premiere in the summer of 2019. The convention has long been established in Brazil. This year alone, around 300.000 fans celebrated their stars from film, television and entertainment in Sao Paulo. The “Original” has thus set a new visitor record. In Germany, the organizers are in the middle of the preparations for the CCXP Cologne 2020. One change is already known: the convention will take place over three days next summer, from June 26th to 28th, 2020. 

The organizers of the CCXP Cologne have probably taken a close look at what their Brazilian colleagues in Sao Paulo have achieved. At the end of the CCXP, which took place there at the beginning of December, there was nothing less than a new visitor record. Around 300.000 fans wanted to experience their stars up close at the sixth edition of the convention.

One of the main topics was the new Star Wars flick Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (here ours Film review for Episode IX). Among other things, star guests such as director JJ Abrams or actors John Boyega and Daisy Ridley gave the honor. But the visitors of Margot Robbie (Once upon a time in Hollywood), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) also show the attraction that the “original” of the CCXP now has.

Feedback from the community aims to improve the convention experience

The organizers would like to see something similar for the German offshoot, the CCXP Cologne. That is not impossible, especially because the feedback from fans and exhibitors should flow directly into the planning. 

“We designed the first CCXP Cologne based on our successful event in Sao Paulo. With the experience of the first edition behind us and thanks to the extensive feedback we received from the ranks of the exhibitors, visitors and communities, we can now make the changes that will make the event an even better experience for everyone involved, ”explains Pierre Mantovani, Managing Director of the Omelete Group, how the decision was made to start on Friday for all visitors.

The first event was largely well received, but there were also points of criticism. 40.000 fans attended Premiere in Cologne as a guest, the organizers had planned with 70.000 fans.

The second edition of CCXP Cologne will probably also be an atmospheric convention. Photo: André Volkmann

The second edition of CCXP Cologne will probably also be an atmospheric convention. Photo: André Volkmann

Except for the fixed date in the period from June 26th to 28th for the CCXP Cologne 2020, there is still no information on possible program items - no details on the starting line-up anyway. The organizers want to "take the time they need," says Alexander Wolff, Director of the CCXP Cologne. The second edition of the convention is being carefully planned for this. Preparations are already in full swing.

According to their own statements, the organizers are in talks with exhibitors, fan groups and the communities for which the CCXP is being organized. In the coming year you will probably feel a significant further development. 

Among the exhibitors there will be some familiar faces from the first event, but there will also be new faces: "Everyone who attended CCXP Cologne had a lot of fun," said Markus Oster, Head of the Koelnmesse Business Unit. "This is also evident now in the discussions with film studios and other potential partners and exhibitors: We are getting the signal from many brands that they want to be at CCXP Cologne again in 2020 or for the first time."

Volle Hütte: The cosplay contest was particularly well received by ans. Photo: André Volkmann

Volle Hütte: The cosplay contest was particularly well received by ans. Photo: André Volkmann

Alexander Wolff is optimistic about the beginning of the year: "We will already know some things at the beginning of the year, others will remain a surprise until shortly before the event." 

At some point in January there will probably be the first specific information about CCXP Cologne 2020 - maybe also about some exhibitors or the main program items. The framework of the convention will probably take place at the CCXP Cologne 2019 (here for the Picture Gallery) - so it is clear: the atmosphere should again be atmospheric.

Tickets for CCXP Cologne 2020 should be available from spring - presumably again at staggered prices. A standard ticket previously cost between 30 and 149 euros, depending on the date of purchase and validity, plus special collector tickets with additional fan services and a luxury ticket with access to a VIP lounge.

For further information, please visit or on social media under the hashtag #CCXPCologne.

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