Developer and publisher Dovetail Games announces its new and upcoming digital board game, Catan – Console Edition, coming in 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Catan – Console Edition brings the classic board game to life and expands the success of the 27-year-old classic with additional features. Catan - Console Edition includes highly detailed game pieces that immerse players in the island of Catan, a new way for players to play locally from the couch with up to four friends, and a multiplayer mode to compete with other Catanians around the world to play

Settlers of Catan on power consoles

No two games in Catan – Console Edition will be the same. Players can use different
Enjoy terrain with variable playing field structures, whether towering mountains, lively
Pastures or forests in bloom, each game will look and feel different. Catanians
move around the game board, sheep graze in the fields and boats swim at the docks.
All of this contributes to a unique gaming experience in the Catan – Console Edition.

“We have worked closely with Nomad Games and Catan to bring players a
to offer an authentic experience that is second to none. We tried on the smallest
Paying attention to details such as the flags that decorate the longest street or the small chimney,
when someone builds a city. Each part of the game has been carefully designed to fit the game board
bring it to life,” says Natalie Dodd, Studio Producer at Dovetail Games. “The possibility of local
playing with friends is a novel and exciting addition.” The players can see the cards
with their phones, which eliminates the risk of other players using their own resources
see. "We can't wait to show everyone this amazing feature!"

Dovetail Game wanted to add the ability to play board games locally with friends to the digital version of Catan - Console Edition. Local play in Catan – Console Edition allows players to play with up to four friends in the same room by simply starting a game, connecting their phone via a simple QR code and playing. Players can then track their cards through their cell phones.

This simple solution allows players to quickly launch and play a game without compromising each player's privacy.

Catan – Console Edition offers a multiplayer mode and a ranking system. matchmaking
can be performed with friends or against other players from around the world. The players
Gather resources, build settlements in Catan and become the victorious Catanian to fight in the
rise in rank. The multiplayer ranking system tries to rank players based on their
bring skills together and is updated at the end of each game.

Catan - Console Edition is developed by Nomad Games and published by Dovetail Games
and will be released in 2023 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The title is now available digitally
Available on PlayStation Store and will soon be wishlisted on Microsoft Store as well.


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