The board game crowdfunding for Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a complete success in the Collector's Edition. Even more: Given the course of the campaign so far, Bezier Games should actually laugh like a mad king. The supporters literally throw gold coins around: The financing target has been exceeded by more than sixty times. The “swarm” has until February 18th to think about a royal pledge.

In 2014, the royal jigsaw puzzle was the order of the day - and apparently even more in 2021. The King of Bavaria is back and once again demands nothing less from his architects than the design of his castle.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Original, but more beautiful

There are moments when it comes down to pomp and glory. This is probably what the Bezier Games publishing house thought, too, when it reissued the placement game Castles of Mad King Ludwig (German title: Die Schlösser des König Ludwig): Bunter, Schöne, Collector's Edition. Bezier Games wanted to finance the board game through crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The target was around 8.600 euros - but the players are so crazy about the crazy king that this amount has long been exceeded. By a multiple.

Fans have already invested over 500.000 euros in the project. More than 4.700 supporters took part in the campaign, which was successfully funded within three minutes. The gameplay was good around six years ago, but now there is another factor that is fueling the hype with the revised look. The new illustrations are more colorful and contemporary, the rules have been revised and made more understandable at relevant points, overall Bezier Games has given the entire game material a much more royal touch than was the case in 2014. The already known content has been joined by two completely new extensions.

The illustrations have been revised for the new Collector's Edition of the board game Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Image: Bezier Games

The illustrations have been revised for the new Collector's Edition of the board game Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Image: Bezier

The creators are charging the fans almost 82 euros for this, and another 25 euros if you want to put the Collector's Edition in a more regal version - but better: put it on the table. And if you don't even know what to do with all the money, you can get the “Colossal Pledge” and other goodies for 140 euros. Most of the currently 4.700 supporters have ignored the budget variant and rushed to the two more expensive funding levels.

Because the campaign has recently been successfully financed, the task now is to activate the remaining stretch goals or simply to play the board game as part of the Kickstarter campaign for Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Collector's Edition to secure. Time remains until February 18, then the crowdfunding ends. Bezier Games is planning the delivery for December 2021, so the waiting time is quite moderate.


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