Attention duelists: Pegasus Spiele is releasing a new tower defense-style card game this October. In Matthias Cramer's competitive two-player title, the opposing castle has to be torn down down to the last castle map, typically tower defense. A mere three-page set of rules and the clear gameplay should make Castle Rampage an extremely fast card game. The new publication will be published shortly after SPIEL'18 in Essen.

Castle Rampage: tear down the hut!

"Tear from the hut! Very, very quickly!“What Mickie Krause has been blasting into his microphone on Ballermann for decades should also be the motto for the new two-player card game Castle Rampage from Pegasus Games.

In a classic duel, two players attack each other's castles: if you lose the last castle card, you also lose the game.

Matthias Cramer's game idea is so simple that the clear set of rules fits on three pages. Castle Rampage presents itself as a typical fun game: hardly any preparation, fast game play. With each card, players have to decide whether they want to strengthen their attack or rather improve their castle defense. You can choose from the classic characters from the Fantasy Middle Ages. Priests make entire units disappear, archers aim precisely at a single card from the hand, and ax fighters allow cards to be drawn. Each fortress consists of a gate and a castle stack with an overview map in between. You also need a draw pile and a card graveyard: that's all. The tower defense duel can already begin.

The text on the map is self-explanatory, and the illustrations are atmospheric. The presentation is reminiscent of the typical Castle Siege apps for smartphones and tablets, probably not without reason. Such game systems are considered enormously successful in the games industry.

Castle Rampage will appear shortly GAME'18 in Essen and costs around 10 euros. If you want to read the rules of the game in advance, you will find the rules here .

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