Bytten Studio and Raw Fury today released Cassette Beasts, a monster-collecting and merging open-world role-playing game for Steam, the Microsoft Store and PC Game Pass. On an imaginative journey of discovery and friendship, players can track down, collect and transform into over 100 fantastical monsters in exciting turn-based combat.

Cassette Beasts completely reinterprets monster-collecting role-playing games. On the remote island of New Wirral, people use music tapes to transform into strange creatures and fight. 

monster collection 

Gamer fans explore the island, recording a variety of powerful monsters on their cartridges in order to gain their abilities and find a way home. With Cassette Beasts' fusion system, they can even combine two creatures to create powerful new forms that share elemental types, stats, and movement sets.

Features of the game: 

  • Turning into monsters with the help of… cassette tapes?! With the constant threat of monster attacks, Harbourtown residents know how to fight fire with fire. Players record a variety of special creatures, then replay them in battle to take on their forms!
  • Combining Monsters: Players can fuse their monsters with those of their companions to create unique, fully animated fusions that combine the strengths of both forms. There are thousands of monster combinations to experiment with and discover.
  • Exploring a varied open world: Some monster abilities can be used in human form, which is needed to explore the area, solve puzzles and much more. Glide, fly, swim, climb, sprint, or get magnetic in a colorful land decked out with beautifully rendered monsters, 80's vibes, and a synth soundtrack.
  • Mastery of a Comprehensive Combat System: Players must use elemental chemistry to apply beneficial buffs or debuffs with their attacks, or even change their opponent's elemental type.
  • Travel with a Variety of Companions: One never fights alone. Bonding with partners needs to be made and those partners need to support each other to become a better team. The strength of a relationship determines how well you can fuse.
  • Couch co-op with friends: In local multiplayer mode, up to two players can team up. The open world is explored together, transformed and fought as a duo.

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