[Display] In addition to welcome bonuses, free spins without a deposit are one of the most lucrative incentives for new customers in the online casino. All that is necessary to activate the bonus is to set up a game account in a reputable casino. Winnings are then automatically credited to the customer account. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider even with free spins without a deposit in order to use the bonuses really efficiently and, with a little luck, to achieve the maximum possible winnings.

Being able to use free spins without a deposit in the online casino sounds like a great chance of winning at first - and that's exactly what it is. In order to actually generate profits from the free game rounds, beginners in particular should deal intensively with the free game topic. Just because something is free does not mean that it is immediately given. This is especially true for free spins that want to be used optimally.

Online casino: what are no deposit free spins anyway?

Basically it's simple: a casino that Freispiele ohne einzahlung offers, grants a customer - under certain conditions - a fixed number of game rounds for which no stake is due. In the case of a game on a slot machine, for example, adventurers can get the reels rolling for free and possibly look forward to winnings. Free spins are therefore often referred to as "Free Spins" and are advertised under this term in online casinos. With slots, free spins are usually triggered with the maximum number of paylines and the lowest possible stake.

How many no deposit free spins you receive varies depending on the casino. Sometimes there are ten free spins, sometimes only five - other casinos offer 20 or even more free spins as part of special promotions. A comparison of different reputable casinos can be worthwhile.

What are no deposit free spins anyway?

Casino 1X1: What are no deposit free spins is explained quickly.

What is often associated with no deposit free spins are set wagering requirements. Players then first have to play a certain number of rounds so that the winnings from the free spins are also paid out. On the other hand, any winnings from the Free Spins are credited immediately - you just can't get them without meeting the wagering requirements.

Most casinos set a certain number of game rounds: this is the number of times that customers have to place bets in order to meet the wagering requirements. For example, we specify this with a simple “20 times” or “20 x”. How often you have to continue playing in an online casino after receiving your free spins without deposit is a factor that should be considered when evaluating free spins bonuses based on their attractiveness. The lower the wagering requirements, the better it is usually for the player.

Free spins as a welcome bonus

There are basically several ways to get free spins. First of all, "Free Spins" are triggered by the game itself. Whenever a certain combination of symbols occurs in a slot, free spins are triggered. This variant of getting free spins is not initially free because you have to play actively and place bets. 

Really "free" are free spins without a deposit as a welcome bonus in the online casino. Many reputable casino providers lure beginners with lucrative bonuses, including "Free Spins". Anyone intending to register at an online casino should definitely include the bonuses in their considerations. Depending on the casino, "Free Spins" are granted on several available games or only on selected games. That is also important to note. For example, if you like to play on slots with movie themes, you should make sure that this type of themed slots is included in the free spin bonuses when creating the customer account. As with other games, for example good board games, the rule is: the best is what is fun.

rule of thumb: To use free spins, look for slot machines that suit your game type and preferences.

No deposit free spins do not stay the same in terms of their amount. Casinos use special promotions to attract new customers and give higher welcome bonuses than usual at regular intervals. So sometimes you have to bring the necessary ounce of luck with you when choosing a casino in order to find the perfect time.

No Deposit Free Spins: Use free spins strategically

Anyone who has found a casino, registered and received their free spins would like to make the most of the free chances of winning. Wasting your free spins on the first game you come across is not a good strategy. It is much better to be careful when choosing the games.

Find casino games with the highest payout percentage possible. This is usually indicated by the abbreviation "RTP", ie "Return to player". The value describes the amount of the bets made that the players get back, so to speak. The higher the payout percentage, the more money goes back to the players. Payout percentages of more than 95 percent are not the exception, but the rule in reputable casinos.

Because free spins use the maximum number of paylines, but always only the smallest bet, it is clever to choose slots where the minimum bet is as high as possible. So you can maximize the winnings of your played free spins without a deposit without reducing the chances of winning.

Casino1x1: "Return to player" is also known as the payout percentage.

Casino1x1: "Return to player" is also known as the payout ratio.

Also important - and often forgotten - is the fact that free spins are usually only valid for a set period of time. Serious casinos provide this information automatically, for example when registering. Customers should still pay attention, because sometimes a hint is placed in a somewhat hidden or not immediately visible place.

If you are already in the middle of the game and use your free spins diligently, you should not hit all "free spins" at once. It is better to skip the granted free spins without a deposit and then use them when there is a lull in the "normal free spins". If you combine that with slot machines with multipliers, you have done a lot strategically right.

Because free spins can trigger large, lucrative combinations, they are one of the most popular forms of welcome bonuses. No wonder, triggering games for free and winning real money seems unbeatable.

The best slots for free spins

The best slots for free spins without deposit are those that have a high minimum bet, play out many paylines and at the same time have a high RTP rate. In addition, the theme of the slot machine should correspond to personal preferences. Even those who play with free spins want to have fun and be entertained.

Ideally, the machine on which a customer wants to win with free spins is already known. Basic tactics are known or a feeling for "the perfect time" to trigger a free free spin. The number of scatter symbols available on the reels is also important in the best slots for free spins.

Anyone who thinks free spins are dubious and only attractants is wrong: reputable casinos rely on a real random factor for free spins, which ensures that triggers actually happen randomly - this is how free spins remain fair.

Important: Free spins are not valid indefinitely.

Important: Free spins are not valid indefinitely.

Because free spins cannot be withdrawn or transferred, you have to make the most of your existing no deposit free spins. And if you really don't get lucky: Even if you can't make high real money winnings from your free spins, "Free Spins" can at least trigger bonus games or make several small winnings, which can then be used in the following rounds. It makes sense to keep track of the number of free spins granted. The best slots for free spins indicate how many are still available.

There is no rush to play with no deposit free spins. You should use your “Free Spins” cleverly, even if you don't look into the mouth of a given horse, as is well known. If you play along a streak of bad luck, you shouldn't use your free spins as a bridge, but rather take a break. The interruption can then in turn be used to familiarize yourself with the technology and game mechanics of a game Spielautomaten deal with it - and thus plan your next strategy.