The smartphone is our constant companion these days. We are not only permanently available, but also permanently online. Although the smartphone is in use for an average of three hours a day, users only make calls for around ten minutes. The rest of the time is used for Messenger, but especially for games. Participants in a study played an average of 35 minutes - 35 minutes that a soldier of fortune can also spend with a casino app. What are the mobile versions of the classic online casino really good for and how safe is it to use?

Casino in your pocket

Play is always and everywhere. The owners of so-called online casinos have long understood this and offer their users mobile solutions. Instead of trying their luck via the web browser, fans simply play on their smartphone or tablet. It comes as no surprise that with the large number of casino apps available, it comes down to the details that separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff. One of the most important quality features of a good casino app is based on the technical side: the programming. In principle, casino apps are also divided into native apps and web apps. A web app is initially nothing more than a website, the content of which is adapted for presentation on a smaller display. This is often not a satisfactory technical solution, especially for games. On the other hand, native applications that have been specially developed for a certain operating system (such as Android or iOS) are better. In this way, even computationally intensive programs can be made executable on modern smartphones and tablets. Native casino apps are visually in no way inferior to the browser variants. On the contrary: they often look a lot better than their web-based counterparts.

In terms of content, the casino apps also offer everything a player's heart desires. Classics such as blackjack, baccarat or roulette can be found as well as various slot machines or fun games. In contrast to browser games, the games of the casino apps can be operated conveniently and user-friendly by touch. This is not only more intuitive, it also gives you a completely different feel to the game. Since mobile apps update themselves automatically after installation, players can always take advantage of the full range of games of chance. Well-programmed casino apps use comparatively few network resources so that they can be played on the go without pushing the data volume to the limit. To find out how much data a certain app needs, you should regularly check the consumption in the app settings of the smartphone and limit the background data if necessary if a casino app turns out to be more data-hungry in mobile use.  

Casino Apps: Really Fraud Proof?

When it comes to the visual presentation, fans like to compromise when a certain game shines through its entertainment value. As with browser-based online casinos, users of casino apps should pay more attention to security features - after all, the smartphone is full of personal data. The basis of every reputable casino app is a valid gambling license. Especially players who gamble for real money should pay attention. If anything is unclear, users should trust their first impression, because nothing is more annoying than winning games that are not paid out by dubious providers. With casino apps it is important to check which data the app wants to access. Data processing must also be expressly approved for apps, otherwise the collection or use of personal data (such as IP address, IMEI, location data, photos) remains prohibited. Casino apps should be transparent with regard to data protection, i.e. explain to the user for what purposes certain consents are required.

Casino Apps: The new generation of online casinos

There are sometimes enormous differences in customer friendliness. Good casino apps allow the user to contact customer support from within the app. In addition, it should also be possible to make deposits and withdrawals with fewer entries, but still securely. Deposits are often made using popular payment methods. Withdrawals are made by users via the app so that they can be released manually by a casino employee. This additional barrier is often used for customer safety. Users can find out which casino apps are particularly recommended via casino comparison portals such as casino find out.

As a browser player, it also makes sense to find out about the new developments, as the popularity of casino apps will continue to increase over the next few years. Good portable casino solutions shine through their ease of use, combined with a comprehensive range of games and unlimited mobile freedom. In an exciting game, the 35 minutes mentioned at the beginning fly by.