Cascadia has been quite a success for Randy Flynn - and here for the publisher Kosmos. The board game was recently nominated for the Game of the Year award. The author never tires of coming up with new ideas: Tabriz, a card game that deals with trading on the Persian market, will soon be crowdfunded.

The crowning of success could still be forthcoming - the board game Cascadia (Flatout Games) has chances as a nominated title for the “Game of the Year 2022” to collect. Author Randy Flynn has won over fans and critics alike with his tile-laying game idea based on animals in north-western North America. And apparently also publishers - in this country Kosmos jumped up to bring the former Kickstarter project to the market. Now Flynn is providing supplies, this time via Crafty Games.

Tabriz: Carpet trading game

Randy Flynn relies on fantasy names when developing his new board game. or card game again: Tabriz will be the title - and thus describe the city of the same name in north-western Iran, once a trading center on the Silk Road. Even today, the big bazaar of Tabriz - the German name of the city - is considered one of the largest and most impressive in the country.

The general conditions reflect Randy Flynn's game idea. Players take on the roles of carpet merchants to operate in the Persian market. It is necessary to weave different types of carpets in order to fulfill customers' wishes, snatch commissions and ultimately outperform the competing merchants. Gradually you improve yourself and your customer base: At the beginning you sell to simple people, later you serve the wishes of rich buyers.

Active players can each choose different actions during their turn, which is implemented with a worker placement trick. You use your characters to trade and buy carpet materials, including wool, camel hair or natural dyes. Then luck also plays a role: a roll of the dice determines how much of the respective material players will ultimately receive.

Behind the simple basic idea is a multi-layered mechanism of worker placement, luck, but above all tactics. The latter becomes clear because materials are limited and the display changes every round. It is important to plan your moves as far in advance as possible in order to always have enough material available to fulfill customer orders. Another level is added through smaller upgrades that players can draw on to land more complex contracts. In the end, wins if you have earned 14 skill points or have achieved the most fame points after the ninth completed order.

The board game will be published by Crafty Games, the publisher that previously published Dollars to Donuts, among other things. The game is to be financed via a crowdfunding campaign that will be launched on Gamefound in the fall. You can follow that Crowdfunding to Tabriz already. The title is aimed at up to five players, but also has a solo mode.

The original game will be available in English, with Farsi by default. So far it is unclear whether the game will be localized in German - Crafty Games states that it intends to publish information about other language versions as part of the Gamefound campaign. A card game of the same name "Tabriz: The Card Game" is also in the works - but according to Crafty Games the title will not yet be part of the financing campaign.


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