In early 2021, Xavier Georges' expert game Carnegie was funded by Quined Games via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Pegasus Spiele is now launching a bilingual retail version with instructions in German and English.

With the contribution of over 6.000 backers, the Carnegie game project was realized on Kickstarter. Above all, the game owes its existence to the life of Andrew Carnegie, who was born in Scotland in 1835 and emigrated to the United States of America with his parents in 1848.

Carnegie: entrepreneur, benefactor and philanthropist

Andrew Carnegie began his career in a telegraph office, but his prominent role in building America's steel industry made him one of the richest men in the world and a poster child for the American Dream.

But Carnegie was also a benefactor and philanthropist. At his death in 1919, he bequeathed more than $350 million of his fortune to various foundations, with a further $30 million going to charities. His gifts funded the construction of more than 2.500 free public libraries that still bear his name: the Carnegie Libraries.

The expert game Carnegie, based on the life of the steel tycoon, offers players the opportunity to follow in his footsteps in a strategic competition. In order to be successful, players must expand their business by adding new departments and making clever use of their staff. Each of the company's departments corresponds to one of the game's four action types: Human Resources, Administration, Engineering, and Research & Development. At the start of the game, everyone starts with the same business plan, but it evolves as the game progresses. During the game, players recruit new staff and make investments in real estate and goods production, develop transportation technologies, and expand transportation networks across the United States. And maybe they will even become famous for their generosity for the good of their country, because they can use their profits for various social projects.

The game lasts exactly 20 rounds, in which each player takes a turn. Each round, the active person chooses one of four actions, which the other players can then follow. The success of their undertakings is measured by the victory points gained. The person with the most victory points at the end of the game wins and will be forever remembered for their deeds to those around them. Carnegie is a strategic expert game with very interlocking mechanisms for one to four players aged 12 and over and lasts between 90 and 120 minutes per game. The game has been available in stores since this month.

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