Solo board game or cooperative concepts are going down pretty well with gamers these days. The fact that even purely competitive board game classics can be converted into "trendy variants" is now proven by the publisher Hans im Glück, who donated the set of rules for a solo variant to their evergreen Carcassonne, which also works cooperatively.

Carcassonne can now be played solo or cooperatively. This is made possible by an adapted set of rules that the publisher Hans im Glück has published on its website. The board game, which has been sold millions of times, is given a modern twist of rules.

Carcassonne as a solo board game

Neither expansions nor other accessories are required to be able to try Carcassonne as a solo board game. The basic game is sufficient: four meeples of three colors are assigned to stacks of 24, 24 and 23 tiles. Then you can already build around the starting tile in the middle - in turns, always alternating with the respective colors. Instead of aiming for maximum points, the solo game is about letting the meeples move as evenly as possible across the scoring board.

Only the basic game is required - players have to try out for themselves whether the solo version also works with extensions. Photo: André Volkmann

When setting the meeples, of course, there are slight adjustments. The solo player does not have to place any more figures in the places where any figurines have already been placed in order to trigger points. Instead, landscape tiles with multiple placement options can be used so cleverly.

There are even variants in solo mode, which can of course also be played cooperatively. If a game is too easy or too difficult, the new set of rules provides measures with which you can tweak the level of difficulty - by adding another color, for example. Solo play could also work with the use of meeples from expansion. However, players have to experiment themselves because these scenarios for creating the solo rules for Carcassonne have not been tried out by Hans im Glück.

The solo rules for Carcassonne can be found in German under this Link. The set of rules is also available in an English version. By the way: Hans im Glück has also published a corresponding rule variant for Hadara.

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