When Carcassonne is on the program, fun is very important. The classic placement game with the versatile game board and the successful strategic elements is, at least for me, one of the best board games that can be got for money. Even without extensions, Carcassonne is fun and unlimited. Each expansion introduced meaningful elements that turned Carcassonne games into unforgettable experiences. Carcassonne Südsee takes the same line, leaving the basic idea almost untouched and yet shining with exciting new ideas. In the current board game blog article you can read my test about Carcassonne South Pacific.

What are the special features of the game idea?

No board game test without looking at the background story. But Carcassonne Südsee is really not about a grandiose story. The board game has other strengths and focuses on them as well. The framework conditions: South Seas flair, blue sea water, natural islands, competing islanders, bright sunshine and tropical merchandise. In the competition for the noble goods, the islanders gradually explore their favorite island. The background story couldn't be more insignificant, but that never mattered with Carcassonne and in the test of Carcassonne Südsee no epic story knocked me off my feet. Never mind, I was prepared for it.

The game idea corresponds almost completely to the original Carcassonne. In each turn, the players uncover another patch of the island state and try to collect points. However, this works a little differently at Carcassonne Südsee and that is also one of the great strengths of the game. Points are accumulated by bringing collected trade goods onto the transport ships. The rest is classic. The islanders can be placed on the created tiles - just like in the classic variant. Instead of lush green meadows, vacationers to the South Seas expect sapphire blue sea regions, which also serve as donors of resources. Sure, there are plenty of fishing grounds in the sea. Footbridges replace the paths and the monastery finds its equivalent in an island market near Carcassonne Südsee. There are more than enough opportunities to collect points. Overall, Carcassonne remains true to its line and changes some elements of the game only minimally. Nice for all newcomers and Carcassonne lovers - a shame for all who want a completely new game design. But to be honest: Would Carcassonne still be Carcassonne at all?

Carcassonne South Pacific
Carcassonne South Pacific

The thick tiles are known from the predecessor and Carcassonne Südsee also relies on these almost indestructible cardboard discs, which survive even the most humid board game evening without damage. The islanders should look just as familiar to Carcassonne veterans. The same athletic physique as its predecessor and just as colorful. Green, red, blue, yellow and black men scramble for the island's raw materials and cut a fine figure on the gaming table. The plates are punched out well and show no quality defects. The merchandise, which is also made of wood, is particularly beautiful. Bananas, mussels and fish are waiting to be gathered, picked and caught. The great workmanship and beautiful packaging are two absolute pluses of Carcassonne Südsee.

You can read it from the blog article: I'm a fan! Without wanting to exaggerate, I say that the fun of playing Carcassonne Südsee is gigantic and I like it a little better than the original Carcassonne in the basic version without extensions. A mini-extension is currently available for Carcassonne Südsee (Carcassonnee South Pacific Friday), which is not absolutely necessary and is aimed more at experienced South Sea islanders who need a breath of fresh air. I also consider Carcassonne Südsee to be an upcoming classic that will delight its fans for decades. A short conclusion for a board game review, but Carcassonne doesn't need many words, it just wants to be played. So let's go!


Number of players: 2 to 5 players
Age: from 7 years
Playing time: 30 to 40 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Long-term motivation: medium

Published by Hans im Glück
Author: Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Year of publication: 2013 
Language: German
Cost: 20 Euro


Even the classic Carcassonne was and is a true entertainment marvel. The many extensions also enabled small and large adjustments that created the right style for every type of player. Carcassonne South Sea is a wonderful variant of the original Carcassonne and brings noticeably fresh South Sea wind to the gaming table. The game board is still created while a game is in progress. And now there is also a lot of focus on the trade in goods.