Carcassonne writes one of the outstanding success stories among board games. 22 years after the original release, the game is getting a new coat of paint for the second time.

Draw and place a tile. Then, if you want, place one of your meeples on fields, paths or cities to score points for completed paths and cities during the game and for fields and uncompleted paths and cities at the end of the game. Carcassonne is one of the classic board games.

The BigBox is tidied up with a cardboard inlay

Last year, the 20th anniversary edition of Carcassonne was celebrated. Sold millions of times and in addition to countless prizes and expansions that have been available for the game since 2000, there is now a new coat of paint for the second time after 2014. The placement game by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede is suitable in its new look for 2-5 players, ages 7+, and is published by Hans im Glück Verlag.

The reissue box is new and fresh with new artwork and modern graphics. A few tiles have been refreshed, but remain in the usual design and are therefore still compatible with the existing games and expansions. In terms of content, there are no changes and as in the 2014 version, the mini-extensions The river  and  The abbot included.

The Carcassonne BigBox also has a new look. The biggest change here is not the artwork, but the new cardboard inlay. With this, the eleven extensions contained can now be sorted more easily and found again more quickly. Even in the BigBox, the tiles remain compatible with the other games.

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