Jason Dinger's fall novelty Captains of the Gulf is available for pre-order from today. The title is published by Spielworxx and is one of the innovations that the small publisher will present at the upcoming SPIEL18 in Essen. 2 to 4 players fish for between 90 and 120 minutes to compete. Whoever achieved the highest winnings after eight rounds wins.

New food from Spielworxx can be pre-ordered

The fact that the world's largest trade fair for board and card games, SPIEL18, is approaching, is also recognized by the fact that more and more autumn innovations can be pre-ordered from publishers.

The small German publisher Spielworxx from Billerbeck in the Sauerland is no exception: with the board game Captains of the Gulf is a publisher's novelty from today via the in-house online shop can be pre-ordered

The board game is thematically based in the south of the USA. More precisely: in Louisiana. The US state is not only known for good music, the so-called Cajun cuisine is also firmly associated with the region. Along with the Holy Trinity of spices, shrimp are an integral part of many dishes. And so it is not surprising that 2 to 4 players join Captains of the Gulf should earn their breads as crab fishermen. Equipped with their own fishing trawlers, captains sail through the waters of southern Louisiana, always on the lookout for lucrative schools of fish. 

Captains of the Gulf by Spielworxx can be pre-ordered

It's about profit: only those who improve their cutters, hire good seamen and can bring their catches safely into port will be adequately rewarded. Captains of the Gulf lives from the multitude of decisions that players have to make in the course of a game. A competition lasts eight rounds - then it is settled. The focus of the game idea is the principle of assigning cards to several functions at the same time in order to force selection decisions. 

The game, which is one of the SPIEL18 innovations from Spielworxx, can now be pre-ordered in the online shop of the small publisher. This Spielworxx publication is limited to 1.000 copies worldwide. The price for pre-orders is 64,00 euros, costs after publication Captains of the Gulf then 79,00 euros. 

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