In 2023, the villains will fight: Then the dark tactical superhero epic Capes by Daedalic Entertainment and Spitfire Interactive will be released for PC and consoles. Superheroes and villains collide in this dark and hard-hitting tactical title.

In Capes, the bad guys have won - and now it's up to the players to free their hometown from the clutches of the tyrants. You collect superheroes, assemble the right teams for the right tasks, and unlock numerous special powers and powerful abilities. Each hero has their own set of skills - as well as their own backstory and personal motivations.

Turn tactics with super characters

Developer Spitfire Interactive and publisher Daedalic Entertainment are teaming up to co-publish the superhero epic Capes. The Australian studio remains responsible for development, but Capes is now part of Daedalic's publishing lineup and is due out for multiple platforms this year.

Capes was already in development for PC; With Daedalic's help, the title is all about superheroes in tactical turn-based combat, but also on Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox X/S. A brand new demo is playable on Steam Next Fest from now until February 13th.

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Nintendo Switch console (OLED model) White Nintendo Switch console (OLED model) White * Currently no reviews 336,00 EUR

In the turn-based tactics game Capes, a team of unique superheroes fight to win back their city, which has fallen into the hands of evil despots. 20 years ago, the bad guys won. Since then, they have worked to establish a despotically ruled city where developing superpowers is a criminal offense and no one dares oppose them - until now!

In a series of dark, challenging campaigns and patrols, the story is advanced or new playable heroes are unlocked in side missions. By completing challenges, players earn skill points to upgrade their heroes' powers and learn more about their lives and backgrounds.

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