At Call of Madness, the crowdfunding campaign last week was over quickly. The publisher Czacha Games started the financing on Tuesday, shortly afterwards the creators canceled the project - with the direct announcement that they wanted to restart in a few days. That has happened in the meantime and the target amount has already been reached.

According to Czacha Games, there should be new language versions and new content, which justified the cancellation and restart of the crowdfunding campaign for Call of Madness. The board game was to be localized in English and Polish, and now two other language versions are being added, which should be particularly pleasing to fans in this country, as a German translation is also planned - in addition to a French one.

Call of Madness: The Cthulhu Crowd is back!

The competitive board game is aimed at up to four players, but thanks to Automa support it can also be played in a solo mode. An obvious highlight of the work from the authors Szymon Malinski and Bartłomiej Zielonka is obviously the topic: It's about HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. In purely mechanical terms, the designers rely on a combination of "take that", hand card management and deck building - embedded in a kind of reverse tower defense concept.

Czacha Games wants to collect points at Call of Madness, among other things with the illustrations for which Radosław Jaszczuk is responsible. The artist was most recently active for Era of Tribes and The Arctic, among others. Players take on the roles of Cthulhu priests who want to summon the Ancient One. Czacha Games simply reverses the apparent tower defense framework and turns the players into the evil forces. In focus: sacrifices. A game lasts around 20 minutes, the course of which is largely driven by a card mechanism. The designers mitigated the luck factor with several small tricks.

Czacha Games has enriched the basic box with additional content for the restart. Photo: Czacha Games

Czacha Games has enriched the basic box with additional content for the restart. Photo: Czacha Games

As part of the first crowdfunding campaign, the creators wanted to collect 15.000 euros, the target amount has now shrunk to 12.000 euros. And: Czacha Games stuffed new material into the basic box, which was initially intended for the stretch goals. They wanted to make the basic game more attractive right from the start. Czacha Games is not stingy when it comes to the additional material: Among other things, wooden fire tokens are new.

Fair: The pledge is priced at 40 euros, early birds receive an artbook and a custom cube as a bonus and no discount. the Call of Madness campaign runs until February 2nd. In any case, the new start was successful: The supporters are already doing numerous things and have already raised the planned amount. Czacha Games could also score points with the time of delivery: delivery is planned for August 2021.

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