Activion has not reinvented the "Battle Royale" genre with Call of Duty: Warzone, but has given it a refreshing boost. The players seem to see it similarly: The free Warzone activated around six million players within 24 hours, and the number has now climbed to around 15 million. 

Call of Duty: Warzone hits the global “Battle Royale” community like a bomb - and not because the free multiplayer shooter is a war game anyway. Activision is doing a lot right with the free-to-play decoupling - and a lot so well that the entire genre could benefit from it. The players seem to like the game and are now “connecting” millions of times.

Call of Duty: Warzone offers Battle Royale deluxe

Call of Duty: Warzone already has around 15 million players, six million of whom have already gathered in the first 24 hours to try Activision's vision of an entertaining battle royale shooter. The company announced this via the CoD Twitter account: 

The number of players should continue to increase with every hour, because the shooter is not just a copy of previous concepts, but actually brings a breath of fresh air into the genre. One of the reasons it is so entertaining - and probably one of the reasons why players play the free Call of Duty: Warzone - is the immediacy of the gameplay. Instead of fiddling around with bulky inventories for minutes, Warzone relies on fast equipment management - that makes for quick fun. 

The system is supplemented by “ready-made weapons”. Depending on the quality level of the weapon, players can find shooting irons with modifications: Ordinary weapons do not have any, rare pistols and rifles are real special weapons. This eliminates the tedious customization of weapons - and the sometimes annoying collection of micro-mods that improve weapons at the very least minimally, which are not always noticeable. The effect: You are more attentive as a player, you look into your surroundings instead of the ground - something can happen at any second because the other players are not constantly distracted either.

In addition, there is the reduced luck factor: instead of having to hope for good weapons finds, players can simply shop at the free Call of Duty: Warzone. There is money, among other things, from randomly generated side jobs that benefit the entire team. At no time you are forced to complete the quests, but the effort is worthwhile.

Fighting happens non-stop, and clashes are often fatal. Players quickly die a heroic death in Call of Duty: Warzone, but can easily be resuscitated by their squad mates. This ensures the necessary balance and motivates. Alternatively: win a duel in the gulag - that too gives you an “extra life”. 


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The design of the map is also terrific: Verdansk is not only a varied and large area for the 150 players who are ready to fight, but also leaves enough space for tactical gimmicks: crouching in the bushes as a sniper is just as possible as focusing on urban warfare. Nevertheless: Because movement is required, Warzone plays like a regular match in Call of Duty.

Warzone has some strengths, minor weaknesses, and does a lot differently than the competition. The shooter is currently attracting many new players, but whether the meta-game can convince in the long term remains to be seen. 

The support of a 200-player mark has already been announced, which increases the number by a whopping 50 fellow players or opponents. The biggest battle royale game then becomes an even bigger, biggest battle royale game.

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