Call of Duty news is eagerly awaiting fans. Although the current year is already halfway up, Activision has not yet allowed itself to be carried away to publish official news about a new series offshoot - until now, albeit in a very mysterious version. The project “The Red Door” has appeared in the Microsoft store, which one assumes that it could be the new Call of Duty.

Millions of fans worldwide are waiting, so far in vain. Publisher Activision has still not officially commented on a new Call of Duty despite the advanced year. Instead there are mysterious hints and of course the obligatory leaks and rumors on the Internet. But now an at least official notice has appeared in the Microsoft Store.

Call of Duty “Next”: is the announcement imminent?

The fact that the ominous project “The Red Door” appeared in the Microsoft store is one thing. The other is the connection to Call of Duty, after all, nothing in this direction is evident from the name or the picture. Publisher, age and genre (shooter) fit perfectly with Call of Duty, otherwise there is no official information.

Just listen to the music in the BO3 trailer and then read on:


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Incidentally, the shop entry does not seem to be an oversight. Among other things, because it is still online and because Activision even added a mysterious product description. The link to the popular shooter series succeeds - again - via a leak. The fact that fans of “The Red Door” are hearing is nothing new: “SerialStation*”Discovered an entry that was directly linked to“ The Red Door ”:: UP0002-CUSA20046_00-COD2020INTALPHA1.

Only at first glance is it a random sequence of numbers and letters. The ending is important: COD2020INTALPHA1, written out CoD 2020 international Alpha 1. So “The Red Door” could actually be a new Call of Duty.


There are hardly any further details. According to rumors, the game will be called “Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War”, and there was a corresponding leak in May, but the platform Kotaku had already speculated about a setting in the Cold War last year.

The direction is turned off, taking into account the Rolling Stones song “Paint it black”, which is regularly used in anti-war films and video games, its use in Full Metal Jacket is legendary. In the lyrics it says: “I see a red door and I want it painted black”. Oh, fans will know that this exact song was used in the announcement trailer for Black Ops 3.

Activision makes fans wait and virtually stand in front of the red door. However, it can be assumed that official information will be published soon - perhaps for digital Gamescom.

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