The trend towards digital adaptations of successful board games is continuing: Monster Couch and Flatout Games want to implement the cat board game Calico in the coming year. The game will appear under the original title Quilts & Cats of Calico.

Above all, Calico is an excellent solo board game, but it can also be enjoyed with other players. The puzzling process causes a lot of headaches, but the rules of the title, which was published in German under Ravensburger in this country, are not particularly difficult to grasp. Calico seems to be made for a digital adaptation – and in fact a corresponding offshoot is supposed to come onto the market in 2023.  

Calico as a digital board game

The idea behind Calico is as cuddly as the board game's main characters: it's about cats and their blankets. Players try to lure the cozy fur balls onto a blanket that is at least as cozy by arranging hexagonal placement tiles as optimally as possible on a game board based on tasks. Combinations of colors and patterns and of course the cats grant points. 

The combination of theme and presentation of the board game found many fans. Flatout Games' crowdfunding campaign was so successful that the publishing giant Ravensburger also secured the rights for the localization for the German market. With the digital version, the board game Calico under the original English title Quilts & Cats of Calico is given the second of possibly seven lives. 

The video game captures the idea of ​​the board game well. What's more, it places the cats even more in the spotlight. The four-legged friends look different and interact with each other on the screen. And: Players will even be able to design their own cats. That in itself was a highlight of the board game, because the cats depicted were based on the animals of their owners. 

The digital adaptation is therefore filled with significantly more life than the puzzle board game. This offers few opportunities to offend players, so it feels more like a solo placement game, even in a large group. The adaptation could set accents here, because playing alone will be just as possible as games against artificial intelligence. A ranking mode should also be playable. Also suspenseful and quite confrontational for a laid-back cat puzzle game: Players are to campaign against a merciless corporation in a war-torn society - the message behind this idea is obvious. 

The digital version of Calico is scheduled for release next year. In addition to Flatout Games, the publisher behind the board game, the developers at Monster Couch are responsible for the implementation. The latter have also recently contributed to the adaptation of the digital board game to Flügelschag including extensions.

There is no further information so far, but there is a trailer. 

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