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We have put the most popular game events into an event calendar so that players don't miss any events in their area.

Because the research is time-consuming and we can overlook events, we hope for your help: Tell us about your favorite game events using the contact form and we will fill in the missing events - regardless of whether it is a major event or a local meeting.

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War for Chicken Island board game review

War for Chicken Island board game review

Imagine it's war - and nobody goes there. It's a bit like that with the strategic board game War for Chicken Island, which was originally published by Draco Studios and has been published in German by Taverna Ludica Games for a long time. On the chicken island...

Dork Tower Miscellany: A Glimpse into the Life of a Geek

Dork Tower Miscellany: A Glimpse into the Life of a Geek

The Dork Tower comics by John Kovalic have been appearing in the English original since 1997, and Pegasus Spiele has been publishing selected comic strips online for about a year. With Das Tao des Igor, a new anthology is now available to coincide with the 25th anniversary...

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