Deep Print Games announce the next board game novelty for 2022 after Skymines. Like Skymines, the newly announced title has ties to an already released game. Thematically, it stays close to its predecessor and shifts the game's setting from the savannah to North America.

The author duo Kramer/Kiesling will follow suit Savannah Park out the next game in collaboration with Deep Print Games. The environment of the novelty is no longer the savannah, but a North American national park. In front of an impressive mountain backdrop and between spectacular geysers, the players form the largest possible herds. These must have access to water points and avoid bad weather if possible.

Caldera Park - The next step up from Savannah Park

As in the previous one Savannah Park are also in Caldera Park the rules are not a page-long novel. Your own turn consists of two simple steps. In the first step you select an animal species and a landscape. Then all must place one of their tokens showing this animal species on a space of the chosen landscape in their park. The scarcer the available places become, the more demanding this task becomes. The moves of the other players can disrupt your own plans and the weather is also unpredictable.

The final scoring follows after five rounds. There are points for the largest herd and also for cleverly colonizing certain landscapes. Caldera Park intended to offer the perfect balance between strategy and luck and a good "next step" for all fans of Savannah Park .

The novelty is suitable for 1-4 people aged 10 and over. A game lasts between 30 and 40 minutes. Caldera Park should appear later this year.

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