The Mensa Association in Germany awards game prizes in two categories once a year. All nominated board games have now been determined for the 2018 MinD Games Prize. The German branch of the international network for gifted students will award the prizes at the beginning of 2018.

Selection criteria for the MinD game price

The Mensa eV Germany awards its game award in 2018 in two categories: games with short playing times and complex board games. Last year the board games won codenames and Orleans. The criteria for the MinD game price are comparatively moderate.

For example, it does not matter that the board games were published in the current year. Essential criteria for the award of games with a short duration is a playing time of less than an hour and the possibility of quickly familiarizing yourself with the rules and the game structure. For the complex parlor games, the jury members use a rating system in which points are assigned on the scales of entitlement and incentive for replay. The title with the highest average score wins the award. General criteria for both categories are, depending on the industry, among other things, equipment, quality of the game material or innovations. It is also important that the board games nominated have the lowest possible “luck factor”. In the case of the MinD game award, the focus is on players being able to demonstrate their skills and abilities in a parlor game. Interested players can find details on the criteria >>> here <<<.

The nominees for the Mensa Spielepreis 2018

The following candidates have a chance of receiving the award.

In the "Short Duration" category:

  • Cortex Challenge (Asmodee)
  • Merkurya (HCM Kinzel)
  • Between Two Cities (Stonemaier Games)
  • Fendo (Gerhards)
  • Word Slam (COSMOS)
  • Swish (ThinkFun)
  • Hexx & Hopp (three rabbits in the evening sun)

In the “Complex Games” category, there are mostly titles that are currently often used by frequent and expert players, and some of them are also current ones bestsellers* counting:

  • Haspelknecht (Quined Games)
  • Odyssey - Wrath of Poseidon (Ares)
  • First Class (Hans im Glück)
  • Great Western Trail (Pegasus / eggert)
  • Terraforming Mars (Gravity Publishers)
  • Railroad Revolution (Pegasus)

Interested players can get to know the candidates at the presentation events, their dates >>> here <<< can be found.

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