Fascinating game depth with only 18 cards - the US board game publisher Button Shy Games has made this principle its trademark. Last year 8 of the micro-games were already published by Frosted Games. Now the next batch of it has appeared.

One month before Easter, Frosted Games is releasing three new games from Button Shy Games that are guaranteed to fit into any Easter basket. More than 18 cards are not necessary to hold a complete game in your hands. With Frosted, however, there are 7 additional cards and thus extensions to the basic games in each box.

Opposite - time travel duel for two

In contrast to Contrast time travel is not yet possible in reality. In the game for two people, they compete against each other in a magical time travel duel. Collect artifacts, create a paradox from them and earn valuable energy crystals. But be careful: Whenever both land at the same time, they will engage in a magical duel for those energy crystals.  Contrast is a game for 2 magically talented people aged 10 and over.

Another novelty for 2 people from 8 years Dhe rice farmers – The ups and downs of the Tonle Sap. An exciting micro-game that offers seasonal rice cultivation for 2 people. You slip into the roles of Cambodian rice farmers and show who plants the better rice fields. In the rainy season, cards are played from the hand, in the dry season then from a shared display. The goal: to complete rice fields with as many farmers, buffaloes and huts as possible in order to get the most points. The individual special ability of your own character card also helps here.

Agropolis - Successor and expansion to Sprawlopolis

Agropolis is the long-awaited sequel to the solo game hit Sprawlopolis. This time, an ecological farm with fields, gardens and animal enclosures is laid out of the cards. Each game has different goals and challenges. The game brings something else very special: who both Agropolis as well as Sprawlopolis possesses can combine both to form a gigantic combopolis.
Agropolis is a solo game from 8 years, but can also be played cooperatively with up to 4 people.

In addition to Agropolis as a stand-alone expansion, there are also two “real” expansions for Sprawlopolis Nasty highways  and Beautiful beaches. First makes the game competitive. In pairs, the players assume responsibility for the growing metropolis – each on one side of the highway. They build against each other and prove who has the better eye for city planning.

Beautiful beaches transports the city, as the name suggests, to the coast. The sea limits the extent of the urban area. After all, you can't build anything on water. This gives the solitaire or cooperative game a little more (sea) depth.


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