The fantasy and erotic novel Succubus - Demoness of Lust was published in 2018 by Blutwut Verlag. The novel comes from the pen of the author Krystan Knight, who is known in the erotic literature scene as a cross-border writer. You can find out whether and for whom this novel is suitable in the following book review.

The Blutwut Verlag in brief

The independent publisher Blutwut was founded in April 2018 and has been known for courageous literature of extremes ever since. Here literature of horror, thriller, splatter, gore and erotic genres and subgenres is waiting for their peers. The titles have so far been published as paperbacks, hardbacks and e-books.

Bloodrage bookmarks. Image: Anne Marie-Christine Volkmann
Bloodrage bookmarks. Image: Anne Marie-Christine Volkmann

When selecting authors, the publisher ensures that young German-speaking up-and-coming authors are given preference. The contractual conditions with the authors should always be fair and transparent. There is no need to purchase licenses or subsidies for printing costs.

The author Krystan Knight

Krystan Knight has been writing in the fantasy and hardcore erotic genre for a number of years. He is able to inspire his readership with compelling, easily readable literature and is not afraid to exceed the limits of their imagination.

Krystan Knight - autograph card. Image: Anne Marie-Christine Volkmann
Krystan Knight - autograph card. Image: Anne Marie-Christine Volkmann

In his works, the actions and the style of language appear almost taboo, but always with a reference to reality.

The succubus in mythology

In mythology, the succubus is described as a female alp and is thus the counterpart to the male incubus. Both beings are considered demonic, seductive and extremely lustful.

Through the sexual act, they kill their sexual partners by robbing them of their life energy. This happens at night without the victim noticing anything.

Succubus - fantasy, torture and erotic

The protagonist of the hardcore novel Succubus - Demoness of Lust is accused of murdering her husband, a noble count, shortly after their wedding night together. Typical of the dark ages of the Middle Ages, after her alleged act, she is decried as a witch and locked in dungeon.

"To the gallows with the witch now! I want her to pay for my son's murder. I want revenge for my son. Kill that damn witch now!”

Succubus - Demoness of Lust, page 12

There she is initially powerless against her torturers and their unbridled lust. Again and again they live out their dark fantasies about Cyris. But contrary to what might be expected, the protagonist likes her torments and not only that, she seems to be able to use her predicament for herself. Because a deadly power lies hidden in Cyris, that of the succubus, and this enables her to escape from the dungeon.

"His animalistic greed was both disturbing and appealing to her."

Succubus - Demoness of Lust, page 19

But her tormentors and other threatening persecutors are hot on her heels. Cyris, who at this point has no idea of ​​her abilities, learns about a demon who also seems to have taken possession of her.

On her escape and the parallel search for answers about her own past, more dangerous and at the same time erotic adventures await Cyris. The outcome of the sexual act is always fatal for their opponents, despite this, neither they nor they can resist.

Not for the faint of heart

Krystan Knight finds clear, sometimes vulgar words in Succubus - Demoness of Lust, with which he describes the protagonist's adventures. What seems compelling to adult readers of erotic literature may put off readers of pure fantasy stories. Sexual oppression, power struggles and dark fantasies are woven into the fantasy novel by the author.

A basic act can be recognized throughout, but sexually influenced acts clearly take the lead. The linguistic style appears to be kept simple and impartial, which makes the story easy to read.

Succubus - Demoness of Lust Cover. Image: Anne Marie-Christine Volkmann

The cover is nicely designed and has been chosen to match the content of the story. Only letters were placed in the edging of the soft cover binding, which makes the cover look disorganized.

Pictures of succubus - demon of lust


Softcover: 200 pages
Publisher: Blutwut
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3961114306
Author: Krystan Knight
Year of publication: 2018
Cost: 12,95 Euro


Followers of erotic literature with violent elements will enjoy Krystan Knight's story about the demoness of lust, and it also offers potential for readers with an affinity for mysticism. The plot itself contains little depth, but consists largely of bluntly described sexual scenes. Thus, Succubus - Demoness of Lust is a story for the entertaining reading pleasure of adults who are looking for exactly what the hardcore, erotic, fantasy genre wants to fulfill in literature. In spite of that, the story about the main protagonist Cyris could be too short of breath for readers who are already at home in the genre and its sugenres. However, newcomers will find a gentle and recommendable introduction to the world of extreme literature here.