The seemingly non-aging Keanu Reeves stays true to the action genre in many ways. While a fourth John Wick part has already been scheduled for 2022 in collaboration with Chad Stahelsky, Keanu Reeves does not remain idle off the big screen either: In Cyberpunk 2077, published by CD Projekt RED, he played the role of NPC Johnny Silverhand; But Reeves actually went among the comic book authors and published in March 2021 with co-author and Eisner Award nominee Matt Kindt (including Pistolwhip and Super Spy) as well as illustrator and Marvel veteran Ron Garney (Captain America, Hulk, Uncanny X-Force) his 12-part debut: Brzrkr is an ultra-brutal parforcer ride in which an immortal cursed demigod is on behalf of the US Army in search of the reason for his blood-soaked existence. The comic series was published by Boom Studios and was published via Kickstarter financed.

In fact, the series could be the next big action franchise for Reeves: Because VoD giant Netflix has secured the rights to the comic series and is planning big things in this context: In addition to a live-action feature film, there will also be an anime series for Brzrkr . In the film, Keanu Reeves will also play the leading role, while he will set the character of the demigod in the cartoon version to music. The choice is obvious: Not only is Brzrkr the brainchild of the US actor, the character is also optically based on Reeves. And because that's not enough, the jack of all trades also produces both productions.

Brzrkr - Artwork for the ultra-tough action comic Image: Boom Studios

Brzrkr - Artwork for the ultra-tough action comic Image: Boom Studios

How bloodthirsty the (cartoon) film adaptations will be remains to be seen: With the purchase of the Brzrkr rights, Netflix apparently wants to establish a similarly large action franchise as John Wick or the MCU productions at Disney +. There should be potential for public success: Crowdfunders supported the comic project with almost 2 million US dollars at the time. The first issue sold more than 600.000 times - for a comic that's a great success. It will be interesting to see how long the film franchise will last.


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