The year is 1994. A year that is comparatively inconspicuous when you look at world events. There are some historical brands after all: George Foreman was again boxing world champion, a 6,7 magnitude earthquake hits Los Angeles, Kurt Cobain commits suicide, and there are federal elections in Germany Manhatten is voted Game of the Year 1994.

Aim high: Build your empire

The classic was penned by the author Andreas Seyfarth and still fits in so wonderfully with the global economic events of that time that the popularity of the board game continues unabated. Corruption and building scandals shake the board game world and turn once friendly players into tough competitors.

A simple motto explains the rules of winning: If you build high, you win high!

Manhattan offers a successful combination of strategy and luck. The board game impresses with its simple and easily comprehensible rules of the game, which are explained in the understandable instructions. The game material is durable and has a nice look that has a positive effect on the gaming experience. The hunt for ever higher skyscrapers or the numerical expansion is a lot of fun. The great thing is that even children from the age of 8 can play along without any problems, so that Manhattan becomes an entertaining family game.

Manhatten, Game of the Year 1994, can still inspire today.

For me it is clearly a milestone in board game history and worth a look for any playgroup that doesn't shy away from highly competitive game content. Manhattan is about winning and only the toughest builders have a chance to win. The game games have an average length of around 40-50 minutes. Manhattan is therefore not suitable for in between, but for several game rounds per evening.