There are many examples of board porting to electronic media. The best-known representatives are likely to be settlers from Catan, Carcassonne or Monopoly, among others. And in fact, the modern touch systems are ideal for the implementation of parlor games. Monopoly was already available on the Commodore 64 at that time, but it was only through the intuitive touch control that the exotic games became a booming segment.

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The world championships are just as important as the placements at the European championships or the mascot. The game figures, which were designed as a soccer shoe, ball, goal or whistle and thus fit perfectly into the game scenario, are particularly successful. The illustrations on the game board are always appropriate and of a noticeably high quality. The game principle remains untouched, so that Monopoly fans get their money's worth. And with the latest corruption scandals in the football world, there is hardly a more suitable board game for fans.

Ich muss schmunzeln, wenn ich von „den besten Brettspielen für das Tablet“ oder „den spannendsten Gesellschaftsspielen für das Smartphone“ lesen, denn wirklich viel Gesellschaft hat der Tablet-Spieler ja nicht. Ignoriert man das simulierte Sozialverhalten des Computer-Gegners sitzt der Spieler gänzlich allein vor seiner Mattscheibe. Und so wird selbst aus dem besten Gesellschaftsspiel auf dem Tablet ein simples Computerprogramm.

The steadily advancing digitization of parlor games is not a good development. After all, board games are as old as humanity itself and have always stood for mutual entertainment, social interaction and direct communication. Archaeological finds show that the first board games were already in the Years 2600 BC Chr. were common. The Royal Game of Ur relied on a mixture of dice adventure and strategic drawing game. In the past, however, one element was essential that is increasingly being pushed into the background in modern times: the human player. It is precisely these human players who give the board games, through their expressed emotions, depth and replay value. In every new round, joy, glee and anger are close together. Even nowadays, computer opponents are not able to convey this behavior even remotely authentically. Good moves are commented on with irrelevant text messages or accompanied by spoken dialogues.

Viele Tablet oder Smartphone-Spiele können natürlich auch mit mehreren Personen gespielt werden, aber warum dann nicht sofort zum klassischen Brettspiel greifen, das nicht zuletzt durch detailreiche Spielfiguren und somit eine ganz besondere Haptik glänzt? Der Mehsch fasst gern an, er fühlt und reagiert mit all seinen Sinnen auf das gespielte Brettspiel. Bloßes Wischen über eine Glasoberfläche ist dagegen wenig stimulierend. Schon die abendliche Spielatmosphäre leidet, wenn sich 6 4 Leute an einem riesenhaften Tisch mit krummen Rücken über einen 10 Zoll kleinen Tablet-Bildschirm beugen. Kommunikation beschränkt sich dann auf einfache Fragen der Sorte: „Kannst du mir kurz vorlesen was dort steht? Ich kanns von hier aus nicht erkennen.“

Digital game versions are ideal for beginners, because the rules of the game are presented in a clear and easy-to-understand way. Fast playing is therefore guaranteed. Veterans, on the other hand, are hopelessly under-challenged, because the preparation for a new board game is indisputably part of a well-rounded gaming experience - in an illustrious group, working out the rules together becomes an unforgettable experience. And so I also recommend board game newbies to simply put their smartphone down and venture into the dusty world of board games. Mystical beings, clever tactical decisions and lots of moments of happiness await you brave warriors. And at the same time you break the lance for a whole group of players who want to move away from the wiping board and towards the board game.