Christmas is coming! But this year everything will be different due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Fragrant Christmas markets do not open their doors, the colorful Christmas hustle and bustle in the city centers and a lavish Christmas party with friends and family are missing. But even this year, Christmas Day can be a joyful event for families. Board games are particularly suitable as Christmas gifts, which provide lots of fun for young and old after the presents have been handed out. We introduce you to some of the latest board games for families that are suitable as Christmas gifts.

As we know from childhood, board games are a great way to spend time with the whole family and create lasting memories. Stress is relieved, joyful laughter can be heard, the connection between family members is strengthened and sometimes even the happiest has to learn to deal with defeat. In this way, fun is combined with child-like learning and digital stressors, such as the cell phone or the computer, voluntarily take a back seat for some time at Christmas. If the right board game is selected, players of all ages can enjoy it.

Board games as a Christmas present for families

If you want to give away a board game to children or families for Christmas, you have countless gift options among the current titles. To make it easier for you to choose the right title, we are presenting ten Christmas gifts that board game lovers young and old can have fun with together.

We are the robots - with the skateboard on the obstacle course

“We are the robots” is a game from the Nürnberg Spielkarten Verlag (NSV) and was nominated for Children's Game of the Year 2020. The game is about Robbi, the robot, who follows a route with his skateboard that contains a number of obstacles that have to be guessed in the game. Two to six players, ages 5 and up, play the guessing game with the robot together.

Board game with a robot in the lead! Image: Amazon

Board game with a robot in the lead! Image: Amazon

Look into the game: One of the players takes on the role of the announcer. This player receives a route card, on the back of which it says how fast Robbi is going and which obstacle must be guessed by the other players. The guessing foxes only see the front of the route map and find out Robbi's driving speed. The robot drives off at the beep of the announcer and stops again with another beep when it has mentally reached its destination. Now the other players have to weigh up at which point on the route Robbi has arrived with his skateboard in order to guess which obstacle they are looking for. The aim of the game is to find as many obstacles as possible within 11 journeys.

Christmas present for families: The board game “We are robots” can be played with the whole family without hesitation. Young and old players alike will have fun with the robot Robbi while training their memory and their sense of time. The short playing time of around 15 minutes is an additional plus point: Who can sit still for a long time when Santa Claus comes?

Speedy Roll - A spiky race

The Children's game of the year 2020 "Speedy Roll" is an animal racing and board game from Piatnik. The game can be played by 1-4 players, ages 4+, in a race against each other, solo or together against a fox. As a hedgehog, you have to roll yourself to the forest shelter in a flash and pick up as many fruits, leaves and mushrooms as possible from the forest floor on the way.

Look into the game: In “Speedy Roll” the players roll their encircled hedgehog over a playing field with forest symbols. In order to be able to move around, the printed forest symbols must first be collected. To do this, the players roll their hedgehog over parts of the game that correspond to these symbols. Thanks to a Velcro fastener principle, the parts adhere, with a little luck, to the hedgehog and the player can move forward on the playing field. Whoever reaches the finish line first, initiates the final round, all players who reached the shelter in the last phase have won “Speedy Roll”.

Christmas present for families: Anyone looking for a board game as a Christmas present for families with small children or for training hand coordination will most likely make the right choice with the children's game of the year “Speedy Roll”. The fact that the cute, hedgehog racing game can also be played alone is an advantage that parents appreciate on busy Christmas days.

Decrypted - who will get hold of the castle treasure

The board game “Decrypted - Step by Step to the Big Treasure” is a board game for 2-5 children, ages 5+, from Haba. In “Decrypted” the little adventurers go on a treasure hunt in an old castle. With three old keys in their luggage, they pull through a tower room that is littered with slots, under which valuable treasures can be found. But in which slot do the keys fit? This has to be found out in the game.

Look into the game: In “Decrypted - Step by Step to the Big Treasure”, the players try to insert one of three cardboard keys into the slots on the game board to retrieve the treasures from the treasure chamber. If the key fits, they receive sparkling crystals; if it does not fit, the players go empty-handed and the treasury loses a crystal.

If the player has received a treasure, he may continue his turn, but be careful, with “Decrypted - Step by Step to the Big Treasure”, courage does not always pay off! If you challenge your luck too much, you can end up empty-handed even in a previously successful move. The player with the greatest treasure wins at the end of the game.

Christmas present for families: “Decrypted - Step by Step to the Big Treasure” is an exciting board game for families. Memory is required here and losing in the meantime, as a natural part of the game, can be practiced without frustration. The tide turns again and again in this board game and suddenly losers become winners, which ensures a lot of thrills at the Christmas table.

Cow's milk sheep's cheese foot - the arduous card game

In the card game “Kuhmilchschafkäsefuß“ by Pihu, for 3-6 players, ages 6+, you have to show quick reactions and get rid of your funny deck of cards to opponents as quickly as possible. The “cow's milk sheep's cheese foot” is made up of a cow's milk sheep that would like to nibble on the players' cheese feet. The only word that it can produce is a drawn out "Müüüh"!

Card games as a Christmas present bring joy! Image: Amazon

Card games as a Christmas present bring joy! Image: Amazon

Look into the game: All players receive a deck of cards. The cow's milk sheep is placed in the middle of the table. Now it's about speed: each player turns over the top card of his pile and reads the printed word out loud (milk, sheep's cheese, cow, cow's milk ...). The players repeat this until there is a word on the table (cow's milk) that can be put together from two other cards on display (cow and milk).

Now the players have to try to clap the cow's milk sheep as quickly as possible to keep it from nibbling on the players' cheese feet. The player who succeeds first may distribute all of the players' discard piles, including his own, among the other players. Caution! If a cheese foot appears, it is important to call out "Müüüh" quickly. If you are too slow, you have to pick up cards. The first player to run out of cards wins the game.

Christmas present for families: “Kuhmilchschafkäsefuß - Das Flotte Kartenspiel” with the funny cow's milk sheep “is a reaction game that, with its funny illustrations, will cause loud laughs and is easy to learn. Game-loving family members of all ages will be happy to receive this card game as a Christmas present.

The stinkies - skunks want to stay stinky!

In the game “Die Stinkies - Save yourself who can” by Huch and Megableu, for 2-3 players, ages 5+, smelly skunks have washing days. The little cheeky badgers want to stay pissed off at all costs. But unfortunately they are already on the car wash and this takes them quickly towards the bubble bath. To prevent this, the players have to roll their way to safety, but the treadmill does not stand still and the obstacles are tough too. Who will stink of the day?

The stinkies go to the car wash. Image: Megableu

The stinkies go to the car wash. Image: Megableu

Look into the game: In “Die Stinkis” the players slip into the roles of stinky skunks who don't want to be washed. For this purpose, skunk figures are positioned on a battery-operated treadmill, which moves in the direction of the bubble bath. One player takes on the role of throwing the dice and announces how many steps a certain skunk is allowed to run. Now it's time to react, but unfortunately there are some event fields waiting for the player. These let the skunk run back, step aside or stand still while the conveyor belt of the car wash continues relentlessly. The player who escaped the bath three times wins.

Christmas present for children: Simple rules, colorful game components and a whirring treadmill. You can't go wrong with children with this game as a Christmas present. “Die Stinkies - Save yourself who can” is suitable as a family game, but this is where it usually appeals to young game lovers the most.

Go slow! - Racing game for real snails

"Go Slow!" from Pegasus Spiele is on the 2020 list of recommendations for children's game of the year and is suitable for 2-4 players, ages 4+. With “Go Slow!” is the title program! The motto here is: take it easy! Because the snail that lingers the longest on the vegetable garden racetrack wins the game.

Look into the game: With “Go Slow!” the slowest player will be the winner. The players' snails move over a racetrack, which is covered with symbols, using cards drawn from their hands. Each card in hand triggers an action that is easy to implement: For example, a player must move up to a vegetable, stop or jump over a certain number of fields. The other players' slugs can be directly affected by the action. So that with “Go Slow!” A large portion of player luck is part of it. Who is slow enough and lingers in the vegetable garden with his racing snail?

Christmas present for children: About the board game “Go Slow!” Children are especially happy as a Christmas present, who can play the game alone with their siblings and friends after just a brief introduction. But families can also have fun in the snail race, in which every player has the same chance of winning until the end.

Käpt'n Kuller - pirates bowling for treasure

“Käpt'n Kuller” is a pirate game for 2-5 children, ages 5+, by Schmidt Spiele, in which a group of pirates stole prey on their way of capturing. The only question that arises is which pirate receives the greater share of the gold coin treasure. In the children's game “Käpt'n Kuller” this question is ignored using pirate skittles.

Pirate skittles! Games as a Christmas present are trendy! Image: Amazon

Pirate skittles! Games as a Christmas present are trendy! Image: Amazon

Look into the game: The board game with pirates “Käpt'n Kuller” is played on a pirate ship, on the edge of which the players lay a pipe. This should, if possible, aim at diamonds that are spread out on the ship's deck. When it is a pirate's turn, he lets a ball roll through the pipe. With a little luck, the ball will take diamonds below deck on its way across the pirate ship.

The pirate can take the loot obtained in this way and exchange it for gold coins of different colors (red, blue, green and yellow). To get a gold coin, it is necessary to spend those diamonds that indicate the desired gold coin. Whoever is the first to own a gold coin of each color is the winner of the game.

Christmas present for families: “Käpt'n Kuller” is a skill and board game with pirates that sailors big and small alike can enjoy. The rules of the game are learned quickly and the playing time of around 15 minutes allows a quick game of the family game at the Christmas table.

My crawling beetle favorite Ludo - don't be angry!

“Mein Krabbelkäfer Favorite Ludo” is a dice game for 2-4 players, ages 3+, by Moses. On this colorful game board, all animals want to get back to their house as quickly as possible. Who can do it first? The spider, the snail, the bee or the ladybug?

Look into the game: The board game for children “My crawling beetle Favorite Ludo” is played with the luck of the dice. The rules are very simple: If the player rolls a strawberry, he can march off, then in turn the dice are rolled again for whatever counts. The animals are always allowed to move on the symbol (strawberry, flower, leaf, carrot, mushroom and acorn) shown on the dice. If the animals pull onto an already occupied symbol, the other player's can be thrown out. The player who brings his animal into his house first wins the game.

Christmas present for young children: The youngest players are happy about “My crawling beetle favorite Ludo”. The rules are simple and often already known from the family game “Mensch ärger dich nicht”. Due to the missing numbers, which have been replaced by cute symbols, and the extra large game material, the board game is playable even for small players without much assistance. This board game as a Christmas present is particularly popular with families with preschoolers.

Puglicious - dog treats for the pug

The brightly colored pug game Puglicious by Mattel is suitable for 2-4 players, ages 5+. This children's game is all about pampering a pug character with colorful dog treats. Unfortunately, not all of them end up in Puglicious' mouths.

Puglicious - game for dog lovers: Image: Amazon

Puglicious - game for dog lovers: Image: Amazon

Look into the game: First of all, the players take turns stacking dog treats on the nose of the Puglicious pug figure. Then the player whose turn it is press his paw and the colorful tokens jump in the direction of the dog's snout. The player may keep the treats caught by the pug. Whoever has the most treats in the end wins the game.

Christmas present for families: The game Puglicious is easy to explain and makes people laugh at the Christmas table. By the way, stacking the game tiles on the slippery dog ​​nose promotes the skill of the players. That brings joy to young and old alike. Plus point: With this game as a Christmas present you are fully in line with the pug trend.

Pigasus - The winged pig squeaks!

The card game “Pigasus” is for 2-8 players, ages 7+, from the game publisher Asmodee. This reaction game is about recognizing swapped pairs of animals on playing cards as quickly as possible. The sighting of the curious animals must then be confirmed by the squeaking of the winged Pigasus pig. This is the only way to move the players of the funny card game towards victory.

Pigasus - The card game with the winged pig! Image: Amazon

Pigasus - The card game with the winged pig! Image: Amazon

Look into the game: In the “Pigasus” card game, a dealer reveals cards on which 9 different animals appear in different combinations. For example, a cross between a crocodile and a giraffe appears in the form of the "giraffodil" and the "crocodile".

If there are two matching combinations on display, the players who recognized them first turn to Pigasus. The player who was fastest confirm his find with a squeak of the Pigasus figure. Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game wins.

Christmas present for families: The game “Pigasus” has simple rules and funny drawings, and it also encourages players to react. Anyone looking for a card game as a Christmas present that will bring joy to the whole family will find a funny gift option in the animal card game Pigasus.

Once you've decided on a board game as a Christmas present, nothing stands in the way of having fun over the Christmas holidays!

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